Price Update for Cianjur Grilled Fish Menu (Food and Drink) – 2022 Price and Fee List

Price Update for Cianjur Grilled Fish Menu (Food and Drink) – 2022 Price and Fee List
Price Update for Cianjur Grilled Fish Menu (Food and Drink) – 2022 Price and Fee List

Grilled fish business is a business that is undergoing relatively rapid development with high profits, so it is no surprise that many people are interested in running a business like this.[1] One of the well-known grilled fish culinary businesses in the archipelago is Ikan Bakar Cianjur, because it has a relatively affordable menu price and of course it has spread to several cities in Indonesia.

Illustration: One Of The Outlets At Cianjur Ikan Bakar Resto (Credit:
Illustration: one of the outlets at Cianjur Ikan Bakar Resto (credit:

Advantages of Cianjur Grilled Fish Restaurant

Ikan Bakar Cianjur (IBC) is said to be a family restaurant that offers a variety of seafood with Sundanese flavors and maintains the concept of the past. Reporting from their official website, as a restaurant, IBC always tries to use the local sources available.

Unlike restaurants in general, which source raw materials from the market or supermarket, IBC has its own greenhouse and garden to meet the needs of consumers. Nearly all green ingredients, including lettuce and mustard greens, are hydroponically grown and use no pesticides, making them safe and healthy for daily consumption.

In addition to the garden, IBC also has a small pond or pond for fish farming that is used as a commercial material. It is claimed that almost all types of fish in IBC are well cared for and fed properly. Thus, the fish used as a cooking ingredient has good quality meat with a high protein content.

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For the menu variation, IBC is famous for its seafood menu, which includes grilled tilapia, grilled carp, and grilled catfish. However, IBC also offers a variety of other food menus for those who don’t like seafood, including grilled chicken, fried rice, Javanese fried noodles, stir-fried pumpkin sprouts, and cingur salad. Meanwhile, for drinks, you can choose from a variety of mixed ice, fruit juice, orange ice, sweet or plain iced tea, even fresh ice cao.

For those of you who are curious about the delicious taste of the IBC food menu, you can go directly to the nearest outlets in your cities. As a reference for IBC food and beverage menu prices, you can see the table below.

Illustration: Food Menu Variants At Ikan Bakar Cianjur Restaurant (Credit: Wanderbites)
Illustration: Food menu variants at Ikan Bakar Cianjur restaurant (credit: wanderbites)

Price of the Cianjur Grilled Fish Menu

Cianjur Grilled Fish Menu Price
nila baker 118,580 rupees
Nila Goreng 118,580 rupees
Nila Pesmol 118,580 rupees
sweet and sour tilapia 118,580 rupees
nila sop 118,580 rupees
Fried red and white tilapia 118,580 rupees
Nila Pepes 118,580 rupees
grilled gourd 118,580 rupees
Fried gourami 118,580 rupees
Guame Pesmol 118,580 rupees
sweet and sour gourd 118,580 rupees
carp soup 118,580 rupees
Red and White Fried Gourd 118,580 rupees
lele baker $82,280
Pemet Catfish $82,280
fried chicken breast $36,300
Fried Chicken Thigh $36,300
Grilled chicken $36,300
Ayam Paha Bakar $36,300
fried tofu $21,780
White rice Rp12,100
IBC Fried Rice Rp47,190
Nasi Goreng IBC Special Rp54,450
Pete’s Fried Rice Rp54,450
Pete’s Special Fried Rice Rp60,500
Karedok Rp30,250
Fresh vegetables $21,780
pete goreng Rp30,250
Pete Rebus Rp30,250
pete baker Rp30,250
Tumis Kailan Rp43,560
Fried egg Rp6,050
Meet Tausi Rp38,720
Sautéed Pumpkin Sprouts Rp43,560
Sautéed aromatic lettuce Rp43,560
Rice Thart Rp12,000
Javanese fried noodles Rp54,450
javanese fried rice Rp54,450
cingour salad Rp66,550
egg tofu Rp54,450
Special Javanese Fried Rice Rp60,500
uduk rice Rp18,150
light rice Rp54,450
Sauteed Beans Rp43,560
Tamarind vegetable soup Rp30,250
baked goat Rp96,800
Goat Fried Rice Rp60,500
iga soup 157,300 rupees
Chicken Soto Rp66,550
Special Goat Fried Rice Rp66,550
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Illustration: Typical Ibc Ice Cianjur (Credit: Facebook/Ikan Bakar Cianjur)
Illustration: Typical IBC Ice Cianjur (Credit: Facebook/Ikan Bakar Cianjur)

Price of the Cianjur Grilled Fish Drink Menu

Cianjur Grilled Fish Drink Menu Price
Shanghai Rp43,560
ice cyanjur Rp43,560
Orange Ice And Young Coconut Rp38,720
lime ice Rp38,720
young coconut ice Rp38,720
It’s Kopi Rp38,720
It’s Te Manis Rp38,720
fresh iced tea Rp38,720
Orange juice Rp38,720
Watermelon juice Rp38,720
Strawberry juice Rp38,720
Dutch Eggplant Juice Rp38,720
IBC Carrot Juice Rp38,720
Pure Orange Juice Rp38,720
It’s Lemon Tea Rp38,720
Water Bottle 600 ml $14,520
Tempo Doeloe Ice Mix Rp38,720
It’s Cao Rp38,720
Grilled Fish Menu Illustration (Source:
Grilled Fish Menu Illustration (Source:

We have summarized the IBC menu prices above from various sources, including the online mototaxi app. Of course, the price of the Cianjur Grilled Fish menu is not subject to change and can change at any time. Compared to 2021, the price of Cianjur’s grilled fish and drinks menu in 2022 has increased. For example, grilled catfish, which is priced at IDR 72,000 in 2021, will increase to IDR 82,000 in 2022.

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[1] Sardi, Fera Ferdina, Romano, Suyanti Kasimin. 2017. Comparative Analysis of the Utilities of the Grilled Fish Business in City Restaurants and Restaurants on the Beach. Scientific journal of agricultural students Unsyiah, vol. 2(4): 288-299.