Prosecution witness tells court ‘Najib didn’t take 1MDB’s money’ –

Prosecution witness tells court ‘Najib didn’t take 1MDB’s money’ –
Prosecution witness tells court ‘Najib didn’t take 1MDB’s money’ –

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The court today clearly heard Arul Kanda as a witness in the hearing session of the 1MDB audit case today.

When Gopal Sri Ram asked Arul clearly and without hesitation, he replied, “Najib did not take money from 1MDB.”

It is true that what has been reported and in stories in MEDSOS over the years is money that should be allocated and dedicated.

Arul Kanda, the former CEO of 1MDB, tried to become a witness for the prosecution, but insisted that even if he became a witness for the prosecution, he would not change his statement made before the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and wanted to stay with the same statement. .

In today’s court session, when prosecutor Gopal Sri Ram asked if, to his knowledge, Najib had taken money from 1MDB. Clearly and without hesitation, Arul answered “no”.

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Then Arul Kanda said that his answer was based on facts.

Nothing can change the facts and the evidence.

True, so far, although the Pakatan Harapan media has spread slander that Najib stole billions, but the charge against Najib is only RM43 million, there is no evidence that Najib directed or instructed to ask Nik Fesal enter.

The case was then re-invented as if Najib had allegedly changed the content of the audit report while it was still a “draft” that all PAC members could also get a copy of to outline what should be changed or found incorrect.

But it is tried to give the image that Najib is doing it alone without discussing it with the other members of the panel.

This also shows how loose Najib’s 1MDB case is, so much so that the PH government has had to make many accusations in the hope that Najib will get caught in one of the cases.

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Aside from that, it is also his goal that Najib will always spend money and time on his case.

In today’s Q&A session, Arul also said that the answers in the chat session were based on facts and information and not to satisfy anyone.

It is also true that even though the first case has been sentenced, there is still no clear evidence that Najib stole in Judge Nazlan’s ‘parachute’ argument settlement and simply said that Najib should not have spent the money.

But the clear evidence that Najib stole does not yet exist, and today Arul Kanda confirmed it once again.

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