Ptcenter Com Make Money | Is it okay to pay?

Ptcenter Com Make Money |  Is it okay to pay?
Ptcenter Com Make Money | Is it okay to pay?

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What is the best of the apps promoting apk or ptcentral together to make money?

Is it true that this app has been shown to make money by promoting ptcentral app or secure apk together, or is it just a scam?

The general public is discussing the use of this application to earn money.

This method is considered the fastest and easiest way to earn money. Especially for those who are always actively using cell phones.

Of course, this method is very useful for all activities while earning money and operating a bestie phone.

Now recently there is a new app called Promote or ptcentral along with the announced apk that earns money on schemes related to social media activities.

Also, best friends can use apps to earn money to promote with them for free.

How? Do you want to know that advertising ptcentral com app or making money from it is safe?

and is it paid? To test if this is also a scam, bestie should read this article to the end.

About PTPusat Com Money Making Apk

Ptcenter Com Make Money
ptcenter com make money

Ptcenter com or apk for advertising is a recently released money making app in mid 2021.

Like other money making apps that require best friends to complete tasks to earn money with this app.

The task is not difficult bestie just need to promote bestie product or product logo through social media platforms bestie have.

In other words, bestie promotes bestie products through social networks. However, the images, logos, and descriptions are determined by this lucrative ptcentralcom app.

Is not easy? Is your best friend interested in trying to complete this lucrative apk app promotional task with an offer like this?

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Download and Install Ptcenter Com Apk Money Maker

Download And Install Ptcenter Com Apk Money Maker
Download and Install Ptcenter Com Apk Money Maker

Of course, before using this app, Bestie must first log in to the app.

To participate, copy the link to the following official website address.

https www ptpusat com pages/common/registration

Bestie can register by pressing the register button at the bottom of the “Login Now” button.

In this case, make a note of the phone number Bestie uses. Then copy the single text on the right side of the screen.

Bestie can write down the OTP code he receives. Bestie can continue to create passwords and repeat them in the next column.

In this case, press the “Register Now” button. Wait a few moments until the registration process is successful.

After successfully completing the whole registration process, now Bestie can log in by entering the phone number and password that Bestie created earlier.

And congratulations bestie you can use ptcenter app account with apk to earn money.

That is the sequence of steps to register to promote this profitable application together.

Then it’s time to learn how to make money with this app. PW money making app from the 60’s

How to Earn Money on PTPusat Com Money-Making Apk

Surely many of the besties are wondering how to earn money with this app.

Just like other money making apps, Bestie needs to complete tasks to earn money with this app.

If bestie is a free user, bestie can complete the task twice. By doing this task Bestie can earn 15K commission in a day.

Also, best friends can earn more by increasing the best friends membership level.

Bestie needs to deposit money in order to increase the available levels. Bestie can also invite her best friends to earn extra money.

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The more friends the best friend invites, the more income the best friend can earn.

How to use PTPusat Com money making app

Both free users and VIP users can earn money from this app.

So how does besti carry out his cunning mission? See the steps below for more information:

  1. In the first step, the best friend can press the Tasks button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. The best friend can then see some of the tasks they can complete depending on what level of membership they have.
  3. For registration, free users can choose VIP level 0 at a cost of 7500 for each successfully completed task.
  4. Press and hold the “Accept Now” button.
  5. If the best friend has one, you will need to post the brand and write a description of the brand to complete the task. Then share via Bestie’s social media accounts.
  6. As proof, bestie needs to take screenshots of successfully completed tasks.
  7. Bestie can go back to the task menu and upload the certificate of completion for the task. Bestie can load it by pressing the “Load Screenshot” button. Wait a few moments for the evidence to display normally.
  8. If the upload task is successful, please wait for a while until the review process is successful. Subsequently, bestie will receive a commission in the account of the ptcenter application that benefits bestie.
  9. Complete all available tasks to get higher costs.

How to withdraw PTPUsat Com app to make money

If bestie already has an app balance that generates enough money to advertise with bestie, now is the time to learn how to withdraw money from this app.

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But before that, the best friend needs to go to the best friend’s profile page and enter the personal biography of the best friend.

Press and hold the “Personal Information” button. Fill in all the available fields according to the personal data of the best friend.

If bestie follow all these steps successfully then bestie can withdraw money from this app.

Follow the tutorial below to avoid confusion when withdrawing income from this app:

  1. Go back to Bestie’s profile page and press the “Me” button.
  2. Press and hold the “My Wallet” button, then press and hold the “Drawer” button.
  3. Press and hold the Select Recall Channel button.
  4. Enter the nominal amount you want the best friend to withdraw and press the “Remittance” button.
  5. Wait a few moments for the money to go into Bestie’s account.
  6. This is more or less how money is paid for the lucrative app PTcentralapk. Very easy and very practical right?

Is PTPusat Money Making Apk safe or a scam?

Based on various user reviews, there is no evidence that the profitable ptcentercom app/apk has proven to be profitable for its users.

Also, with cash deposit schemes, Bestie needs to be careful when using this app.

If Bestie is interested in using it, it would be nice for Bestie to use the free version without having to deposit any money. This is to minimize unwanted events.


So, I hope Mimin’s explanation regarding PT Pusat com money making app can be understood, best friend.

Hope this explanation helps. Also as additional information related to applications to earn money like any other.

That’s it and thanks for other articles about money making apps you can see on