Quarry, the other was originally for Google Stadia

Quarry, the other was originally for Google Stadia
Quarry, the other was originally for Google Stadia

super big games quarry It is a spiritual successor to one of the top rated games, until sunrise. As well as being described as the latter’s spiritual successor, quarry Inspired by teen slasher movies and other horror movies. Much like the studio’s claim to fame, quarry It’s a cinematic horror adventure game with the same branching plot, all dictated by the player’s decisions. Basically, it offers fans a playable horror movie, where the right decisions can lead to all characters surviving, and the bad ones lead to the death of all.

This cinematic presentation style makes a game arguably more fun to watch than to play, especially considering that quarryMultiple final variants, with almost 200 available to search. This is compounded by the upcoming online multiplayer mode, which allowed those who joined the game to vote on crucial decisions. While the game appeared on most consoles and computers, the game could have had a completely different operating system: Google Stadia.

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According to sources close to the project, two games were originally developed for Google’s Stadia console, with quarry being one of them. These projects were intended to take advantage of the game’s cloud technology and would have drawn gamers to the console’s streaming service. Those plans are likely to fall through once Google announced a scaling back of Stadia and its gaming-focused operations in 2021.

While Supermassive Games and Google announced a partnership in 2020, neither company has revealed any games during that time. When quarry First announced earlier this year, Supermassive Games revealed that it will be partnering with Take Two Interactive on publishing missions. Sources indicated that Supermassive Games was looking for a publisher to help get the project off the ground because it was nearing completion, and a Take Two representative claimed that the company was happy to help get the project out the door.

The other game that started in Stadia development was a game known as high in life. This was a game developed by Squanch Games, with rick and morty Project leader, Justin Roiland, co-creator. Revealed at Microsoft Show and Bethesda 2022 last week, it’s more of a comedy about the FPS genre and is coming to Xbox and PC next year.

quarry Currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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source: Axios