Read Latest Manga One Punch Man Chapter 166 Sub Indo

Read Latest Manga One Punch Man Chapter 166 Sub Indo
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One Punch Man Chapter 166 will revolve around the upcoming group raid. Well, now he is stronger than ever and can destroy the earth with a single blow.

However, he doesn’t care about the other people and the result of his continued attacks on Saitama. The only thing that mattered to him was winning.

Now in chapter 166, Garou will keep attacking Saitama who only cares about his torn clothes. He will use all of his strength to destroy Saitama.

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But things will be fatal for those around them. This will lead to the destruction of the Earth and will lead to the beginning of a new world. Keep reading to know more.

One Punch Man Chapter 166 English

Garou has become a supernova level monster and will be ready to destroy the earth with his immense power.

It seemed like he had no idea what he was doing. He only focused on destroying Saitama. In One Punch Man Chapter 165, he tells Bang’s teacher that he still remembers his teachings.

This showed that he was still in his senses. But he wants to destroy everything that will come between him and Saitama. In addition, the next chapters will focus on other dimensions.

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His strength increased, and the earth could not contain him anymore. Then the story can become multidimensional.

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A portal can be opened that allows everyone to leave the place before Garou destroys it.

As for Saitama, he wasn’t serious until now. However, he will continue to fight Garou. After Saitama finds out that Garou is mimicking his attack, he will devise a powerful attack that will help him defeat Garou.

Read Manga One Punch Man Chapter 166 in Indonesian

In chapter 165, Garou mimics Bang’s attack. He used all the life from his Nuclear Fission Eradication first to attack Saitama.

It was later learned that this attack was similar to nuclear weapons and had the same power. Meanwhile, Genos wonders about Saitama’s condition after receiving such a powerful attack. However, to everyone’s surprise, Saitama was unharmed. But his clothes were torn by this attack.

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Garou then explains that one always has the skill and ability to access the power of nature and create powerful attacks.

After explaining this to Saitama, he once again attacked. Throw normal punches in Saitama mode successively.

Soon after, the Hero Hunter arrives and is shocked to see someone face to face with Saitama. Garou once again loaded his first gamma-ray burst eradication shot.

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