Read Novel Charlie Wade 4274-4275 Free Complete Bab

Read Novel Charlie Wade 4274-4275 Free Complete Bab
Read Novel Charlie Wade 4274-4275 Free Complete Bab – Read Novel Charlie Wade 4274-4275 Free Complete Bab. Immediately, Charlie said to Guo Rei, “Please send us back.”

Guo Rei said quickly and sincerely: “Master Wade, come here!”

After leaving the casino, Guo Ray drove a Rolls-Royce and sent the three of them back to Ms. Luis’s house.
Charlie lost the money so quickly that it only took the three of them two hours to disappear.

Before getting off the bus, Guo Ray said out of respect for Charlie. Wade, get some rest tonight. I’ll pick you up tomorrow night! “

After speaking, he hurriedly asked. “By the way, Mr. Wade, it is not realistic to leave contact information. We will contact you first tomorrow night.”

“There is no need.” Charlie casually said, “Please contact Claudia directly when the time comes.”

Guo Rei nodded and said happily. Then tomorrow I will contact Claudia directly. “

Charlie hummed, opened the door, got out of the car and entered the mansion with the two girls. Join Telegram groups and update quickly
Guo Rei sighed when she saw Charlie walk in with a smile.

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“This is the god of wealth! 300,000 today, 2 million tomorrow, if he has a different mindset, for example, tomorrow he will lose even more!”

With that in mind, he quickly pulled out his cell phone, found it, and dialed it. When she made the call, she gasped and ordered, “Slow down on Lisa today.”

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The other party hurriedly said: “Master Guo, when did it start?”

Guo Rei said: “Don’t worry, always wait and talk tomorrow night!”

.. .

Back at Mrs. Lewis’s house, Mrs. Lewis had no doubt that the three of them were out.
He had already filled Charlie’s room upstairs with Claudia and Lisa across the street.

Each bedroom in this house has its own separate bathroom, making it relatively convenient for Charlie as a big man to live here.
After returning to the room, Charlie sent Claire a video.

Claire asked about the situation on her side and Charlie told her that everything was under control. She also said that one of her clients had a record in Canada, and had already asked her for help with the investigation, and believed there would be results soon.

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After finishing the video call with Claire, there was a soft knock on Charlie’s door. Charlie berkata, “Masuk”.

I saw Lisa and Claudia open the door and walk in together.
As Lisa walked to the door, she couldn’t wait to ask, “Brother Charlie, what kind of plan are you working on?” Why did you lose so much money for that Guo Rei? I’m sick enough to die just looking at this…”

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Charlie smiled and said, “Compared to what I wanted to do, I didn’t lose money for them, it was just severance pay for their family.”

Charlie wants to eliminate this Italian group, and in the future 700 or 800 will be workers for life. What does it mean to lose them 2 to 3 million Canadian dollars? On average, one person costs less than three thousand yuan.

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In terms of purchasing power, the price of slaves sold in Europe and the United States was probably not that cheap.
Lisa heard this and quickly asked, “Brother Charlie, do you have any plans?”

Charlie nodded and said lightly, “I have prepared a great show, which will start on time tomorrow night, and both of you will have a chance to see it up close.”

Lisa’s eyes suddenly lit up with anticipation. And Claudia at the side couldn’t help but ask: “Brother Charlie… Tomorrow you go to the casino alone, what about Lisa and me…”

Charlie knew that Claudia was worried about Lisa’s safety. If Guo Leis’s men came to attack Lisa tomorrow night while Charlie was at the casino, it would be really troublesome.

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At this time, Charlie smiled and said, “Tomorrow, some of my subordinates will come to Vancouver, so you can rest assured that we will arrange it well!”

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