Read One Piece Chapter 1053 Recap, Story, Previews, Leaks and More Updates

Read One Piece Chapter 1053 Recap, Story, Previews, Leaks and More Updates
Read One Piece Chapter 1053 Recap, Story, Previews, Leaks and More Updates

Read One Piece Chapter 1053 Recap, Story, Previews, Leaks and More Updates

One Piece, a popular manga series from Japan, is nearing its final chapter. Of course, fans are excited to learn that the Straw Hat Pirates will soon be embarking on their next journey. After his victory over Kaido in Wano Country, the audience learns that Zoro and Luffy are having a wonderful time there. So far, 1052 chapters have been made available to the public, and right now, viewers are looking forward to the release of chapter 1053.

Do you find yourself looking for the same information as me? Let’s see all the information in this article related to the same topic, right? Unlike the previous weeks, the manga series does not provide any spoilers for the upcoming chapter. On the other hand, some sources claim that the chapter will mainly focus on the characters’ interactions with each other. Instead, Nico Robin will eventually find out that Hitestu’s real name is Kozuki Sukiyaki. This will surprise you.

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For the benefit of the unconscious, Kozuki is the father of Kozuki Oden. At that time, Sukiyaki was confined to a single room for more than seven years. Not only that, but he had no intention of revealing the fact that he was still alive to Momo or anyone else in the matter. He didn’t believe he was dead. All of this happened because Sukiyaki considered himself responsible for allowing Orochi to rule the country. It is said that Kid, Law, and Luffy managed to overthrow the two emperors who supposedly ruled these waters for decades. Because the government believed they posed the greatest danger, they had placed a gift of three billion berries on each pirate’s head. After the introduction of this article, the next chapter will focus on Ryokugyu, which is located closer to Onigashima.

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Also, fans will find out that Ryokugyu’s real name is Aramaki and that he can easily take nutrients from other people’s bodies. He is not surprised to learn that he possesses this ability, as he explains why he can go years without eating anything. After all this, the chapter will end with Kid showing Luffy how to read a newspaper. Four new Sea Emperors will be revealed in the press, which will surprise everyone.

As a result, Luffy and Buggy the Clown will take their place as the new emperors. As for the One Piece Chapter 1053 release date, it is estimated that it will be available for most of the readers around the world on Sunday, June 19, 2022. On June 20, the new chapter will be available for readers. Japan, and on the same day, the issue will be made available to readers around the world through two official channels.

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