Real Drag Bike Racing Mod Apk v1.7 Unlimited Money + Diamond

Real Drag Bike Racing Mod Apk v1.7 Unlimited Money + Diamond
Real Drag Bike Racing Mod Apk v1.7 Unlimited Money + Diamond

Afmar.Co.Id – Hello, what’s up brother and brother mbak? Yesterday, I checked how”3D street racing“. This time I will review an article on “Real drag bike racing“. Come on, let’s not talk too much, because Indonesian netizens don’t like things that take too long. Check it out…!!!

Games are entertainment facilities that humans use to cool off. So in contemporary times like today, many people make games as their hobbies.

This is because in a digital age like the one we live in today, games are not just tools to waste time.

Far from it, the game can be used as any means of orientation and emotional release. Currently, there are a large number of orientation games with the simulation genre.

Although we cannot designate all the main references, the games can be used as the whole training equipment for certain conditions, especially self-control and emotional exercises.

One game that has such uses is Real Drag Bike Racing APK. The game, which was released by an Indonesian developer named Marangi Putro, adopted a real-world drag bike racing competition system.

This game is made to satisfy the desire to race among Indonesian youth especially drag bike racers lol.

This game is considered useful because it has been several years since all motorcycle or car racing events have been suspended indefinitely.

Whatever the reason, drivers always feel empty if they just sit quietly at home. With the existence of this game, racers, spectators or people who are very fond of the world of drag motoring can accommodate the longing to race in the arena.

If you are also someone who misses the atmosphere of drag bike racing, then immediately download Real Drag Bike Racing APK in this park right now.

Real Drag Bike Racing Mod Review

At first, many thought that drag bikes were dirt bikes that could not be used properly.

Meanwhile, ordinary people fail to recognize that drag bikes have long been one of the arenas for international racing sports.

Indonesians, especially young people in some areas, still think that drag bikes are illegal races that are only tried on certain nights on universal streets.

Meanwhile, at this time, motor drag has become one of the branches of motor sports that are widely practiced in various countries.

Download Real Drag Bike Racing Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Diamonds

As one of the most popular sports, motor racing is currently available in one type of game. If you are interested in playing it, you can download it as soon as possible.

In this game you don’t just want to do racing activities everyone lol in the racing arena. In this game, you can choose certain modes so that you can get into a mode where you seem to be playing an open world game.

In this way, you want to feel the feeling of the first GTA San Andreas games, because in the fashion game, the environment and atmosphere are similar to the GTA game.

You can tour the city with the drag bike you have. And you have to be careful because there are many people from the city who are also passing through.

Fitur Real Drag Bike Racing Apk

To increase your confidence in this exciting game, we have included some of the thoughts of players on the Internet about this game. This is a game that suits those who are looking for a trolling engine themed game.

1. Game display and audio

Compared to Moto GP or WSBK games, this game certainly doesn’t have such realistic graphics.

But all the games with the theme of motorcycle racing, this game has quite a satisfying look for the players.

This game adopts a simple 3D graphics system that we usually find in old PS2 games. If you need a comparison with games that already use this type of graphics, imagine the game DTA San Andreas on PS2.

With this kind of graphics you can already enjoy the feel of drag bike racing like a hlol racer. Not just the looks, this game also has a good audio system.

In this game, you can enjoy an audio system close to reality. You want to hear the buzz of a motorcycle engine or the sound of the wind in the real racing arena.

With this decent system, the developers have tried to make this game very immersive to play. And of course success.

2. Control game

Players abandon most motorcycle or car racing games because they have difficult controls. However, human beings have always had the desire to always win in all matters.

And most of the racing games adopt game control system which is quite difficult which makes players lose every game.

Although such games are planned to make players practice as often as possible, in reality many players get frustrated before playing the game.

Luckily, in this game you don’t want to face such difficult things. Universally, in this game there are 2 game control modes.

Early joystick control mode, second gyro control mode. With these 2 control options, you can get used to which controls are safe for you.

Not only that, the developers also extensively look at the balance system, sensitivity, and other control systems.

So you really want to feel comfortable experiencing all the competition in various fashion games.

Download Real Drag Bike Racing Mod Apk

3. Game mode

All games that try to make players feel comfortable and at home for a long time, the developer has created various game modes for players. In this age, you want to create Quick Race, Race and Free Play modes.

In this game, you are free to play in any way. In Quick Race mode you will play races on various circuits directly, in Career mode you will feel the exploration of a racer’s career step by step.

And in Free Play mode you will explore the open world of this game. In this mode, you are free to roam the city however you want.

4. Racing Circuit

In this game, there are various circuits in various cities in Indonesia.

You want to create a circuit from the cities of Palu, Aceh, Bali, Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya1, Surabaya 2, Semarang, and Pontianak.

You can feel the circuits directly in the style of Quick Race. On the other hand, in Fashion Career, you need to win some matches in each city first.

5. Various engine options

One of them that is very iconic in motor racing is a particular motorcycle. Unlike other motorcycle racing, a drag engine is an overall motorcycle that is then modified in any way possible.

What is modified in this bike is the engine, the appearance and the characteristics. In this game, you will be using modified bikes like Vario Drag, Jupiter Z Drag and Satria FU Drag.

MOD APK Real Type Drag Bike Racing


  • premium unlocked
  • NO ADS
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Download Real Drag Bike Racing Mod APK

If you want to play this game with no limits then you can download Real Drag Bike Racing Mod APK to start the racing of all hlol drag bike racers in the game.

Real Drag Bike Racing Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Gems

To download this app, you can do so by clicking the download button below:

Download Real Drag Bike Racing Mod Apk

Face Install Real Drag Bike Racing Apk Mod

Once the download is complete, it’s time to install the app. The installation process must start with permission to install apk from unknown sources.

You must grant access or permission by configuring it in the Settings or Settings menu in HP.

Unknown Source Settings

Each mobile phone has a different setup menu screen. However, if you use Real me, the permission to install apps from unknown sources can be found in the Security menu in Settings.

If installation from this unknown source is guaranteed to be active, you can install the application using the technique below:

  • Make sure the apk file has been downloaded successfully.
  • Find the file directly in your phone’s storage menu.
  • Check the place in the downloads folder.
  • Then click on the apk file. Wait a moment for the installation options to appear. Click Install.

After that, we just have to wait until the installation process is complete. Once complete, the Android system will check the security level until the app is ready to open.

So much information about Real Drag Bike Racing Mod Apk app. Now it’s time to download and install the app. It can be useful.

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