Recommended Viral POV Fake Chat Maker Apk on TikTok

Recommended Viral POV Fake Chat Maker Apk on TikTok
Recommended Viral POV Fake Chat Maker Apk on TikTok

The most viral app on TikTok is Fake Chat Maker POV Apk or fake chat. This app is suitable for those who like to make friends.

Fake Pov Chat Maker Apk

Fake Chat POV Maker Apk

When more, with capital smartphone and this app, you can prank your friends with fake chats. It’s definitely going to be fun, right? Here is the list.

1. Telefun – Fake Chat Creator Prank

The first app you can use is Telefun. This app was developed by Playfake and has been downloaded by more than 1 million people.

The review is certainly quite amusing at 4.1 stars. That is why it has become a viral app on TikTok that is perfect for pranking people.

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You can create a new fake account, create fake contacts, groups, channels to create fake conversations or other messages. Unfortunately, this app was last updated in May 2019, so it didn’t catch the attention of the developer.

2. Fake Chat Maker – WhatsMock Prank Chat

Still being developed by PlayFake, this Fake Chat POV Maker Apk can create fake conversations on WhatsApp. So far this application has been used by more than 10 million people.

What can you do with this? Of course, speak frankly by creating fake WhatsApp chats, creating fake profile accounts, making statuses, making fake calls, fake voice memos, etc.


3. iFake – Funny Fake Messages

This application has just been downloaded by more than 100 thousand people, but this application receives regular updates from the developer. Also, the rating is quite elegant with 4.6 stars.

This app is quite interesting to use because it can create quite a realistic visualization, like on Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

Conclusion POV Maker APK

There are many apps or APK recommendations for Fake Chat POV Maker on Google Playstore. Call it MeMi Message SMS, Funsta, TikTok Fake, etc.

You just need to go to Google Playstore and then type the keyword “Fake Chat” in the search field. Therefore, choose one that is highly rated and receives regular updates.

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