Restowipe Reviews [June 2022] -Is it legit or a scam?

Restowipe Reviews [June 2022] -Is it legit or a scam?
Restowipe Reviews [June 2022] -Is it legit or a scam?

Is Restowipe a scam? Do you want to buy their headlight restorers?

All car owners need a headlight restorer like product. To assess the performance of the product, we will review it on the newly launched website as well as Restowipe Reviews.

We are all aware that a vehicle’s headlight is susceptible to a number of environmental factors, including dust, fog, rain and sunlight, all of which have a negative impact on visibility and performance.

The headlamp must be cleaned to maintain correct reflection and good performance; Failure to do so could lead to poor performance, so it must be kept clean and protected.

It seems that Restowipe has just been introduced because the store is quite new. It has its origin in the United States.

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What is Restowipe?

It is a headlight restorer that is suitable for both domestic and international use due to its simple application feature and reasonable price. Restowipe is a good option, as the testimonials on the website show.

The product offers remarkable performance due to its simple application, customer friendly features and efficient UV clearcoat application.

This device reportedly uses nanotechnology to improve clarity and vision. It comes in a small package and is 50% off if ordered right away.

How does Restowipe work?

Applying the wipe to the headlamp is all that is needed to see results. Each headlamp must be completely dried after being carefully cleaned.

Users can view customer reviews in the Restowipe Reviews column, and the website claims that results are available within two minutes.

Each of these products comes with a set of wipes. By using this product, cleaning is done quickly, easily and quickly.

Restowipe Specifications

  • Sun protection is provided by Restowipe UV Clear Coat Specifications.
  • There were enough wipes for a set of headlights.
  • Nanotechnology was used in the product design.
  • Plastic headlight lenses need to be made more lucid and visible.
  • Both use and storage are convenient.

Advantages of Restowipe

  • Restowipe 90 day guarantee.
  • Restoration and clarity are instantly apparent.
  • This product is incredibly cost effective and comes in a variety of sizes.
  • There is a 50% discount offer available.
  • In the Restowipe Reviews area, customers provide their advice.
  • Support is offered 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Cons of Restowipe

  • There is no established return or exchange policy.
  • The arrival date of the product is uncertain.
  • The site’s substantial discounts and cheap prices are among its main selling points.
  • It has been available online for only ten months.
  • There haven’t been many customers in the store yet.
  • Nothing is known of the owner.
  • The trust index is really low.

Is Restowipe legit?

The following issues need to be considered and resolved:

  • There are a lot of positive reviews about Restowipe, leading to some skepticism.
  • There is no set availability date for this item.
  • Domain age: 10 months, 29 days. It will be released on May 18, 2020.
  • Regarding changes and returns, no information is provided.
  • A confidence rating of 5% is present.
  • No duplicate websites were discovered.
  • Although the Facebook account is located, the information is scarce.
  • Only a few reviews have been published. Most of the data is taken directly from the website and all of it is positive.
  • There are three corporate addresses on the website.
  • The product and the site cannot be guaranteed due to the lack of information from the buyer and the short service life of the site of less than one year.

Restowipe Customer Reviews

There can be a variety of reactions when reviews appear on a website; however, in this case, all the reviews on the site are positive and more like marketing methods than actual contributions.

For a website with no social media presence and no customer recommendations, there are very few reviews to discover on Facebook; Also, there are not many visits or comments on the Facebook page.

Restowipe Alternatives: DIY Methods for Cleaning

According to the seller, RestoWipes use nanotechnology to polish headlights back to their original state.

However, there are DIY headlight cleaning techniques that can be used instead of RestoWipes. In rare circumstances, they can even be comparable to headlight restoration services.

Here’s how to use toothpaste to clean your car’s headlights:

Headlights that are only marginally cloudy can be cleaned by rubbing them down with an abrasive, such as toothpaste. First, use soap and water or Windex to clean the headlights. After that, use a delicate cloth to spread toothpaste on the wet headlight.

Start cleaning with a toothpaste that contains baking soda. If necessary, apply extra toothpaste to the surface. After removing the protective layer, apply a sealer.

Here’s how to clean cloudy headlights with a DIY headlight restoration kit:

The best options are a restoration kit with lots of grits of sandpaper, plastic cleaner and polish, polishing cloths, and a protective coating. Two headlights can often be cleaned with one kit.

We recommend using a DIY headlight restoration kit as follows:

  1. Observe the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not alter anything.
  2. Give it time. Depending on how fogged up the lights are, this operation can take between 15 and 20 minutes for each headlight. Along with the original protective layer, you are removing years of oxidation.
  3. Run your hands over wet headlights while sanding. If you feel any rough areas, sand them smooth.
  4. Sand the car lightly to avoid scratching the paint. It may also be recommended to tape the headlights. Be careful though, as the tape may have lifted the paint on some older vehicles.
  5. Make sure it’s moist. Spray bottles, buckets of water, or hoses can be used to wet surfaces when sanding.
  6. Never question the kit. Headlights will look blurry after sanding, but will be clear after coating.
  7. Make sure the headlight is completely dry before using the protective sealant.
  8. Before starting the car, you should let the sealant dry for many hours or perhaps overnight. Your newly rebuilt headlight should be free of bugs and debris.
  9. Some kits require the protector to be reapplied every one to three years, depending on the weather, extreme temperatures, and whether or not the car is stored in a garage.

If you don’t know how to restore your headlights, ONEighty, an auto company in New York City that offers headlight restoration and styling services, recommends using DIY kits with caution.

The company claims that while it can repair the headlights if you don’t apply a protective film, within six months the original coating will have already flaked off and they will begin to yellow once again. Headlights are left uncoated after cleaning, making them vulnerable to weather conditions such as rain, snow, sun, and dirt.

The next time your headlights start to dim, keep these tips in mind before you buy expensive cleaning products.


The trust rating for this product’s website is extremely low and highly speculative given its relatively recent status.

We feel it is prudent to advise customers to wait and evaluate the effectiveness of this product after a few more months as we were unable to locate any genuine Restowipe reviews from US customers.

When deciding whether to recommend the article, you should also take into account the points emphasized in it.

Was the research useful to you and would you be willing to buy something from a recently opened online store? I appreciate your comments in advance.

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