Rising commodity prices continue to upset the public

Rising commodity prices continue to upset the public
Rising commodity prices continue to upset the public

Harga Ikan Pasar Alor Setar

BAYAN LEPAS: The issue of rising commodity prices continues to concern the public, with even consumers, including cake and bread merchants, complaining that the price of non-subsidized wheat flour has allegedly risen sharply in the last two months.

Nordiana bread trader Mat Nayan, 41, admitted she had to cut her flour consumption from 15 kilograms (kg) to 10 kg per day for the past few weeks due to limited flour stocks, in addition to its increasingly expensive price. more expensive.

“I use branded flour to maintain the quality of the bread produced. Before Aidilfitri, the price of flour was only RM23 per 10kg box.

“However, the price continues to increase to RM27, followed by RM29 to RM36 now.

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“I really feel overwhelmed, plus it’s hard to get supplies right now. They only give us four to five boxes for each purchase. If you want to buy cheaper flour, you can only get one box,” he said as he stood at the Public Market in Bayan Baru, here, today.

Therefore, Nordiana said, she, who trades at the market from 10 am to 4 pm, had to increase the price of her homemade bread by between 50 sen and RM1 to cover the rising cost of raw materials, especially flour.

Meanwhile, chicken trader Irwan Suhaimy, 21, said the charge for cutting fresh chicken had to be increased by 30 sen to RM2.50 in recent days.

He claimed it was due to increased chicken delivery charges from suppliers.

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“The charge for cutting chicken previously started at 50 sen and was increased from 20 to 30 sen in line with the increase in charges imposed by fresh chicken suppliers, in addition to having to bear other costs such as plastic, rent of the site and employee wages.

“There are customers who complain that it is expensive, but we are also stuck in this situation,” he said.

Fish trader Eng Su Ying, 47, on the other hand, claimed that rough sea conditions now caused the catch to drop by 20 percent, resulting in an increase in the prices of certain raw materials such as grade A shrimp

“Right now, the wind is strong. The prices of seafood, such as large fish and large shrimp, have increased by about 10 percent. For example, grade A prawns now cost RM60 per kilogram, but if the season is full of prawns, it can be cheaper,” said, who sourced the supply from Batu Maung, here.

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The housewife, Mazenah Idris, 49, said she only bought mackerel and small sardines which were not very expensive, around RM5 to RM8 per kilogram.

“I see that the price of fish is still cheap here. I bought 10 kg because in addition to feeding myself, I also have 14 cats at home. However, I haven’t bought crabs or large prawns for a long time,” he said.

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