Risk exposing the cartels, accepting personal attacks

Risk exposing the cartels, accepting personal attacks
Risk exposing the cartels, accepting personal attacks

By Tun Puteh Wanti

Risk Exposing The Cartels, Accepting Personal Attacks

KUALA LUMPUR: Discovering, exposing the activities of food industry cartels is not easy.

It’s not easy because it touches on the ‘dark economy’ that has generated billions of ringgit in profits over the last decades, when there was still the abolition of import permits (AP) for food products.

When there are intermediaries, there is a monopoly, then there is this cartel and it is more challenging when the network involves public officials and legislators.

When there are parties exposing this poster, launch attack after attack personally targeting those exposing this issue to weaken their morale.

Selangor UMNO deputy youth chief Amin Mohd Shukor said that the cartel is not one, but involves a large network and can even be said to be a threat to anyone who intends to expose it.

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“If all law enforcement officials play the right role, honesty, high integrity, no ‘public interest’, sincerity, trust, which is the motto of public servants, this (cartel) problem can be solved.

“In general, there are many temptations. There will be opportunities in front of our eyes, because out there many people try to take the shortcut to something without following the true path,” he said when he was greeted by journalists.

He said that the government should be aware of this issue and make more improvements because it is believed to be the cause of people being put under pressure.

“People are good judges, they see that the government is not angry (with the cartel). When it comes to losing integrity, as a government official, one also gets caught up in cartel stories.

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“Therefore, officials cannot be in the same place for a long time, they need to ‘rotate’ every two years because the longer they are in the same place, the more room there is for the crime of malpractice to occur,” he said. he said she.