Housewife and mother, Rose Lin was one of those who tried to enter the world of politics in the last elections on May 9.
Why did you consider running for Congress in District 5 of Quezon City?
“Because, in my life, the things that I see, that I experience, that you help as an individual but you lack the help that you can give.
“Meanwhile, if you’re in a position, you’re in government, the more you can help, the more you can do.
“And why in Congress? Because, of course, in Congress, you make bills, you pass laws. I want to make a law that everyone is equal.
“We are not only going to say, but to make sure that something can be implemented and felt in the people, especially in health, in the youth, that is why I want to be in Congress.
“For a wider range.”
Rose wants an equal human rights law because of the difficulties she went through as a child.
“I have had the experience that when it comes to health… we have no money, my parents are in debt, they are no longer going to lend it to them, there were even hurtful words,” Rose recalled of her past.
So health care would have been what Rose wanted to focus on in case she got lucky in this last pick.
“As far as health is concerned, you shouldn’t have any problems, if you’re not, there will be a hospital that will accept you, there’s no down payment.
“It’s not when it comes to health, if you’re rich, you get the best care. But if it is unfortunate or painful to say that he is financially deficient, he will swallow his pride to borrow, so that he has something to pay back. It should not be like that.
“So that’s what I experienced.
“In addition to scholarships for young people, they say that young people are the hope of the people, why buy?
“He buys in terms of needing to have average maintenance. If you really help, you will really give a scholarship and all the young people will be strategic.
“Let’s give young people the same opportunity to prove themselves. Because like me, I got a scholarship but the grade is not the basis”.
Athletic scholarships were the key for Rose to study back then.
“So I graduated. That’s why I want to remind you and show young people that if you have dedication and determination, you can, e.
“It’s not what we always hear, poverty is the obstacle to our progress, I don’t think so. I do not believe that.
“So I want young people to follow my example. Work harder. It’s hard at the beginning, it’s just the beginning, we can get through it.”
And although she was not lucky enough to win the election, Rose continues to help others; She recently even took us to the Home for Golden Gays in Manila to bring food, water, medicine, vitamins, rice and rent to her residence and much more to help the LGBTQIA members living in the home.
“Yes, for me because if your help is true, you are sincere in what you do with love, not only at election time.
“It is our moral obligation that we have to help each other without compensation.
“Because we are all connected to each other. You know, the one you helped, next time it will help you too. It is not like this? That’s all, we can not say.
“So if you have the opportunity, if you have the ability to help, do it now.
“And I love members of the LGBTQIA community,” Rose said with a laugh.
IF last year we only interviewed Heart Evangelista on Zoom for her Pure Living Beauty Company online store, we recently spoke face-to-face with Heart for the first Pure Beauty location on the second floor of the Hexagon Corporate Center on Quezon Avenue.
Why did you finally think of building a physical store for your products?
“Actually, yung mga members name they really wanted a store where you know, you can talk to them too, it’s about you know, talking about the brand, empowering each other.
“We are also about to open our next branch in Taft, we will also have small kiosks in shopping centers.
“So I’m really, really excited about that,” Heart’s story began with a smile.
How many members does your Pure Living Beauty Company already have?
“Oh my God, of course I can’t memorize,” and Heart laughed, “but it’s really growing and I’m really, we’re really, really happy, especially, actually, in about three months, it suddenly tripled, like this I am very happy.”
During the pandemic, people seemed to learn more and more about health and beauty care.
“Yes, make one yourself, to save time. They have learned to prioritize themselves, which I think is very important.”
Almost all products and machines or gadgets in the beauty and care of a person’s appearance have the Pure Living product; in the hair, in the skin and much more.

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