Santi Millan: A crime has been done

Santi Millan: A crime has been done
Santi Millan: A crime has been done
Viral Video Of Santi Millán – After the silence, Santi Millán finally commented on the video that was leaked and circulated on the internet. The following is a comment from Santi Millan.

“I will not comment on anything. I don’t want to say how it should be addressed, but here the news is that a crime has been committed”, said Santi Millan.

“I don’t understand the law or anything, so I’m not going to comment,” concluded Santi Millán, quoted by the ABC newspaper.

As you know, this is a criminal act included in the Penal Code.

In fact, there is already an article in the Penal Code that contains this crime. In particular, article 197.7 of the Criminal Code establishes a prison sentence of three months to
one year.

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or a fine of six to twelve months to all persons who, without the permission of the affected party, disseminate, disclose or transfer
images or audiovisuals to third parties.

Records other than those obtained with your consent at home or in another place that are not visible to a third party, when said disclosure seriously harms the personal privacy of that person.

The penalty, according to article 197.1, is increased if intimate images are obtained without the consent of the victim, up to four years in prison.

A threat that many people seem to have forgotten on social networks because, unfortunately, they do not hesitate to share the image.

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The popularity of Santi Millán has made the video more and more viral with the involvement of thousands of people who have launched to spread it and comment on it with the greatest disrespect.

Again, the lack of control by the company that manages the network to block the spread of this type of crime to which we are all exposed at all times is also verified.