Scha Elinnea calls Hisham Hamid “baby” on the set of “Kerana Aku Isteri Bidaan”

Scha Elinnea calls Hisham Hamid “baby” on the set of “Kerana Aku Isteri Bidaan”
Scha Elinnea calls Hisham Hamid “baby” on the set of “Kerana Aku Isteri Bidaan”

COMPATIBILITY actor Hisyam Hamid’s performance with Scha Elinnea in the popular drama series titled Kerana Aku Isteri Bidaan caught the attention of the audience.

According to Hisham, who plays the character of Farel, he himself asked Scha to call him “baby” or “b” when he was on the film set.

The call was not used offstage, the 37-year-old actor explaining that he intended to establish their compatibility to carry the character as husband and wife.

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The public loves the compatibility of Hisham dań Scha.

I myself told Scha to call “b” or “baby” when she was on set. The reason is to create compatibility, so that when the public watches, the call looks natural.”

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“But the call is not because I want to go out with him. We are very united on the set, we always share problems… but all this is to achieve compatibility”.

“After all, my wife knows it too. Only when she’s off the set, doesn’t Scha want to call me with that call,” Hisyam told the media.

Hisham was found during the launch of Fiesta TV3 at Sri Pentas Media Prima, Petaling Jaya, recently.

The drama starring Hisyam and Scha also stars Silfeny Osman, Wanns Ahmad, Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan, and many more.

Meanwhile, Hisham also explained about the friendly action scenes with Scha that weren’t considered excessive.

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Hisham and Scha were paired for the first time.

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“As actors, there are scenes where we feel good, we do it. But if it was the worst round, of course I wouldn’t do it.”

“It is also up to the director which scene is suitable or not. Because I know, the friendly atmosphere is sensitive, there may be viewers who like and hate.”

“I’ll act out the scenes as appropriate. In any case, there are still limitations, it can’t be too much,” he said.

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