Script Auto Headshot FF Max 2022 Apk Screen Smoothing Latest Free Fire

Script Auto Headshot FF Max 2022 Apk Screen Smoothing Latest Free Fire
Script Auto Headshot FF Max 2022 Apk Screen Smoothing Latest Free Fire – In this latest post, we want to discuss anti-ban auto headshot max FF script so it is very safe for players who want to get Booyah in Free Fire game easily. So for those of you who want to get it, please continue reading this post until it is finished.

So the primacy in the Free Fire game store, more and more people are playing it, the games that Garena is now developing have their own excitement in playing them, with the provision of battle survival types that make users compete for show your gaming skills.

Free fire as an fps game where we will search for the weapons that are available upon landing, be it a shooting weapon or anything to use to conquer the enemy.

Accuracy and accuracy when shooting turned out to be one of the keys to gaining vision in those games, therefore this time I will share the Free Fire auto headshot script, you just have to download and indeed this script.

What is FF Auto Headshot Script?

Auto Headshot FF Script is a script that many Free Fire game players are looking for, so by using the latest Auto Headshot FF script, it will be easier for us to defeat the enemy. yes

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As we know, the term headshot is often found in Battle Royale games, including Free Fire games. The meaning of headshot itself is a shooting direction that fits the head, so it is called a headshot.

Script Auto Headshot FF Max Zarchiver

We have shortened this latest Free Fire automatic headshot script file with a zip pattern, so you need to use a zip file opener, one of which is the zarchiver program.

In addition to that, there are actually several programs that you can use to open zip or rar files, you just have to install them through the play store.

Download Script Auto Headshot FF APK Mediafire

Not just writing, this time we will share download link for auto headshot free fire script. After downloading, do not forget to place the script exactly according to the instructions, so that you can optimally use this automatic headshot script. For those of you who want to download it, visit the mediafire site address below.

Characteristics of the script

This FF auto headshot script is a code used to play Free Fire so you can get a headshot and booyah. Of course, you always want to win and get relief when playing FF.

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It’s not impossible if you use the auto headshot script, you can aim the shot at the opponent automatically so the shot is to the head and not miss.

You don’t have to try very hard to win this Battle Royale game, the advantage of FF Max 2022 auto headshot script is that it has auto accuracy when you shoot unsuccessfully.

Although your shooting direction is not on target, but with this script, the shot will automatically aim at the target around it correctly, as for the other features you want to test, namely:

  • You can enjoy auto aim and trick ESP
  • Covered against ban and can support all devices
  • Gives an automatic headshot to the target on the spot.
  • There is a working FF max and a soft auto monitor

You can use this FF script for free, but if you want to be safe from various risks caused by using this hack, then you should not use a special account.

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You must know that auto headshot script is one of several cheats in FF to win the game easily. Use this cheat to win or level up when playing free fire.

Cara Pasang Dash Auto Headshot Free Fire

Before placing your script, you should first make a backup of the original com.dts.freefireth data, as it will be overwritten by a new file.

  1. First, make sure you have downloaded the auto headshot ff script and installed the zarchiver program from the play store.
  2. If so, open the zarchiver program, then find the script that was downloaded
  3. Once found press and focus on the auto headshot script
  4. Then just write the concentrated script file com.dts.freefireth to Internal Storage => Android => Data (paste or paste here)
  5. If there is a notification, press overwrite and swap, when finished close the file
  6. Finally, open ff games and play.


Therefore, the brief explanation that we share this time regarding the Free Fire automatic headshot setup script. We hope it’s useful and we’ll share other interesting information, so don’t forget to keep visiting

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