“Sis Ema’s voice hasn’t changed from the past, it’s just soft and spoiled…” – Netizen

“Sis Ema’s voice hasn’t changed from the past, it’s just soft and spoiled…” – Netizen
“Sis Ema’s voice hasn’t changed from the past, it’s just soft and spoiled…” – Netizen

The video of Raja Ema singing the song Angan Angan with Bell Ngasri’s younger brother Baby catches the attention of fans. Alahai Cute And Spoiled See Kak Ema Serving Baby!!

Who doesn’t know the 80’s era singer YM Raja Ema YM Raja Ibrahim who once won the title of Puteri Pop Malaysia. Better known as Raja Ema, this popular celebrity is also an actor.

For those who follow the latest King Ema developments on Instagram, you must know that Raja Ema is now an entrepreneur who produces food products with his own hands. The latest Raja Ema has shared some stills about filming a drama.

One video that caught the attention of fans was Raja Ema’s video with actor Bell Ngasri’s younger sister. Share King Ema in the subtitle column, Bell’s younger sister known by name Baby he is very interested in Raja Ema’s song titled Angan Angan.

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Through the video you can hear that Ema has sung a bit of the song together Baby. King Ema’s singing voice and the way he serves Baby in the video has caught the attention of Internet users. To date, the video shared by Raja Ema has garnered over 1,000 likes since it was uploaded to the account. Instagram.

Let’s see the video below:

In the comment section, the average person liked Raja Ema’s video and meanwhile praised Raja Ema’s voice, which is said to still not change like before. Among the comments from netizens are:

“Kak Ema’s voice hasn’t changed since before, subtle je pampered. I haven’t heard Kak Ema sing in a long time, Kak Ema doesn’t want to enter geg4r’s vagrancy…”

“It’s cute hehehe. May Raja Ema always be in good health and continue to be successful wherever he is and have a nice day may God bless you always..”

“Happy to fuck Ema with little sister. Cute two-two singing. May all Raja Ema’s affairs always be made simple..”

wow look glad That’s how it is Baby you can meet King Ema and sing the Angan-Angan song. King Ema lovingly served Baby. Share Raja Ema again, the healer misses her too Baby they haven’t seen each other in a long time.

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It seems that Raja Ema is now active in the field of acting again. In any case, we at Berita Kopak hope that Raja Ema will continue to be successful in the field he is involved in and will always be happy with his loving family.


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