Site to make money without deposit, reliable and proven payment

Site to make money without deposit, reliable and proven payment
Site to make money without deposit, reliable and proven payment

Sites to make money – There are many ways to earn money today. There are many sites to make money on the Internet that you can choose from to start making money.

However, Indonesian people may still not know or understand the problem of making money on the Internet. Did you know? That there are many websites today that you can use to earn money in various ways.

So we can choose a website that earns money according to your experience. But of course, to make a choice, you need to know some of these sites. Below are some reliable regeneration sites!

Site to make money without deposit, reliable and proven payment

Websites to make money are definitely good for those of you who want to find business opportunities. The ability to be connected to the Internet not only unlocks a wealth of information, but it can also mean opening doors to livelihood because opportunities to earn money can be generated through the Internet.

Sites To Make Money

Most people say that the Internet is actually a place where there are millions of possibilities. Just about every option out there can make you extra money if managed the right way.

1. Reward Points

This site is in English and can accept users from all over the world, including Indonesia. Through this site, users are free to do simple activities ranging from watching video clips to playing games, and can be rewarded with points from these activities.

Earned points can be accumulated and exchanged for various products, including PayPal balance, Playstation network balance, Google Play redemption code and more.

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2.Google AdSense

Google Adsense is now the largest online advertising network in the world. As an ad network, Adsense accepts many ad publishers from various countries including Indonesia.


Therefore, you can join Adsense to earn money. The requirement to join Adsense is the registration of a blog or website with Google Adsense as the ad publisher.

Once accepted, you just need to install the Adsense ads script code on your blog or website, then it will bring multiple visitors to your blog or website and wait for your money to grow.

3. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a trending digital currency in recent years. In Indonesia, PT Bitcoin Indonesia is a broker for trading Bitcoin and various other currencies.

Sites To Make Money With Bitcoin

The website can allow registered users to trade digital currencies with a capital of only IDR 100,000. Trading this digital currency is profitable due to its high volatility.

As a result, within 24 hours, users will definitely be able to feel the difference in profits on their investment decisions in any digital currency.

4. Online investment

Online investment has grown in Indonesia, along with the information technology industry. Surely you have heard the term fintech many times, now there is an opportunity to earn money by investing online now thanks to fintech.

Investment Sites To Make Money Online

Investing online may not provide many benefits, especially when compared to a small business. For those of you who can save money and are too busy to start a small business, online investments can start from Rs 10,000.

Unless you keep your money in the bank for the long term, the returns will be much higher if invested correctly. How? Did you understand?

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5. Refund

Basically everyone pays. So you have to be smart to manage your regular purchases. For example, credit purchase, milk, internet packages, diapers, cooking oil and others.

Thanks to technological advances, all these daily needs can be met with the help of the Internet. And because of its sophistication, you can also get discounts for every online transaction you make with a special app.


This is possible because this app works with hundreds of leading Indonesian online stores. So you can be sure that your shopping cart will be more efficient when you shop with this app.

These savings are a source of your money. Money from shopping savings can be used for other purposes as needed.

6. currencies

Forex or foreign exchange is a global market for buying and selling currencies that can be done 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. This app is the largest and most flexible marketplace trading over $4 billion per day.


So if you learn forex and know how it works, it can be a great source of income. You can be your own boss and work from home with a laptop or desktop computer, an Internet connection, and a virtual account like PayPal.

This may be a small business opportunity for someone like you. By going through a trusted and regulated broker, you are an investor with access to forex trading within 24 hours.

7. Fiverr

This site is known in many countries, including Indonesia. If you have the skills, joining Fiverr will give you access to opportunities to earn money.


This website is very advanced as it is used by many companies to meet the needs of their staff. From graphic design to online marketing to language translation, there is $money to be made in this medium.

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8. Elastic wire

This website is very suitable for photography lovers because it is an online photo buying and selling website based on the value of the number of photo sales they have made.


The lowest class is called Explorer and the highest is called Master. The more value you sell, the more value and money you will have.

So don’t waste your ability to capture cool and beautiful objects with your camera. Because there are already places that can make you a rich man in no time.

9. Survey on

SurveyOn is one of the most popular survey apps or online sites for many people. Currently, the number of SurveyOn users in Asia has reached more than 2 million.


In addition to being easy to use and quick to pay out, SurveyOn points can be converted into money with a very low minimum limit.

Each user only needs to collect 20,000 points to convert points into $2 cash. In addition to completing surveys, SurveyOn also offers other ways to collect points.

The trick is to create a quick group (short survey) for 8 years and claim to give $500 a month to all users.

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That is our explanation of the site to make money without deposit, reliable and proven payment. I hope it can be useful, thanks!