Smart tips to make using digital wallets easier » NewsMixed

Smart tips to make using digital wallets easier » NewsMixed
Smart tips to make using digital wallets easier » NewsMixed
Https:// Tips To Use Digital Wallets Easily – Here are smart tips to use digital wallets easily that you should know if you have a digital wallet.

In the digital period like today, the use of digital wallets has been widely used by the general public to

meet your financial needs. Digital wallets are closely related to today’s millennial lifestyle. Because they

This generation is the one that most uses the convenience of technology to carry out activities in daily life, including in terms of transactions.

However, what about the level of security when transacting with a digital wallet? Many people often ask this question.

Digital wallet users as a form of prevention. In addition to the security factor, the high consumer culture among millennials can also be caused by the use of wallet services.

random digital. Therefore, every user is always required to be smart and wise while using the app.

digital payments on smartphones. Here are some smart tips for using a digital wallet:

Choose a reliable digital wallet app

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Smart tips to make digital wallets easier to use

Before you download and use a digital wallet app on your smartphone, it never hurts to do a little research.

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first through the web. You can view digital wallet app reviews on Youtube or other digital channels. If indeed the digital wallet application is safe for

used, it will usually have a good rating on Google Play Retailer or App Retailer. Digital wallets rated above 4.5/5.0 are generally trusted by many users.

Ratings between 4.0 and 4.5 are standard, while ratings below 4.0 are not recommended.

In addition to the value of the score, also pay attention to the number of users who provide a score. It makes no sense that the digital wallet has a maximum rating

5.0 but only 10 users rated it. This means that the related digital wallet has not been widely used and its rating cannot be used as a reference to assess its quality. look how much

Current digital wallet users, a reliable digital wallet app must have a minimum of 10,000 users providing ratings.

Research on stores that accept payments through digital wallets

The existence of a digital wallet trend does not necessarily eliminate other types of transactions, such as the use of cash. also be

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Disadvantages of using a digital wallet instead of cash. Because not all stores accept payments via e-mail

digital wallet To avoid purchase errors, you should first do your research to see which stores can do it.

accept payments through digital wallets. If you don’t have time to search online, you can ask the store clerk

to make sure before choosing the item you want to buy. This method will certainly save you time and money.

prevent you from feeling too disappointed that you can’t buy what you want.

Fortunately, many stores now have a special sign that accepts wallet payments.

digital. Usually, this sign is also a promotional tool to attract buyers who want a digital wallet cashback.

OVO, GoPay and Dana are 3 digital wallets that often have money back promotions and are accepted in almost every mall these days.

Customize the digital wallet application according to the specifications of the phone

Not all devices can use the digital wallet application, because the version of the operating system may be too outdated and it cannot

supports digital wallet applications. Please note that app developers frequently update app features to the latest versions.

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remove the problem from previous versions of the app, or improve the user experience by adding some

installation class. Updates like this will surely increase the size of the apps on the phone, and most of them can only be used on certain versions of the operating system.

Therefore, you can customize the digital wallet application that you want to download with your smartphone. If the application

Digital wallets have operating system requirements that your phone doesn’t, so it’s a good idea to choose another app that’s more compatible.

If forced, the performance of the digital wallet application will not be optimal and may cause losses due to transaction processing delays.

Always check the history of the digital wallet

To know the number of transactions you have made, you can see it in the Historical past menu of the digital wallet application. In this way, you can control your expenses and

Gallery of smart tips to use digital wallets easily

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