“So sweet, I like to see this couple…” – Netizen

“So sweet, I like to see this couple…” – Netizen
“So sweet, I like to see this couple…” – Netizen

Wawa Zainal and Aeril Zafrel Cur1 Holiday Video Fans Focus. Wow, very sweet couple Ni. Very Beautiful Places To Visit!!

The equally beautiful couple, Wawa Zainal and Aeril Zafrel, are currently vacationing abroad. If you follow this couple’s Instagram account, their interesting vacation videos and photos definitely get shared a lot.

Among the interesting videos is the video of this couple while in Switzerland. According to Wawa, the landscape there is very beautiful and the situation is very calm. Suitable for anyone who loves nature.

However, Wawa prefers a vacation while shopping bel4h instead of enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and nature. ordinary women and shopping in fact, it cannot be verified. Right? So is Wawa.

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Joining them on this holiday are Mawar Rashid and her husband, Raf Yaakob. To date, this shared Wawa video has received more than 23,000 likes since it was uploaded.

Let’s see the video below:

In the comments section, netizens gave various reactions. Some like nature and some like it shopping. Among the comments given;

“It would be beautiful if this is my livelihood…I like nature but I don’t like money..so sweet bring some ice ketuiii snow my boss..”

“I like to see this husband and wife, I hope they stay until jannah kak wawa and abg ariel.. Beautiful mmg beautiful.. brg sana mahai sergeant.. mkn nya mahai..”

“Wish list and no boss… I pray I can go, yes… I hope with the results mer0ket Wawa can take the family there one day…”

“I think I can last for years. Because I also like a quiet place like this… It’s beautiful, look at the view here…”

“Oh God, bestnyaaaaa… If I stay there you won’t… I like the view too. Bleh stay lama² klau mcm ni..”

“I like Switzerland, but clearly I can dream, the nature there is really amazing… My dream place for 1 day, if there is livelihood, I want to come here too…”

” Wah, nanti Kita pegi Switzerland and enjoy nature you love nature. I love nature. But I love you and nature..”

The scenery there is really beautiful and it is one of the interesting tourist destinations to visit. Happy holidays to Wawa Zainal and Aeril Zafrel. Take care of yourself and stay safe while you’re there.

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