Specifications of Lightyear 0, Can 7 Months Without Cas – Moladin

Specifications of Lightyear 0, Can 7 Months Without Cas – Moladin
Specifications of Lightyear 0, Can 7 Months Without Cas – Moladin

Here we present the specifications of the Lightyear 0, an electric car that will enter the mass production stage in mid-2022. It is claimed that the vehicle, made by a Dutch start-up company, can run for up to 7 months without being charged.

With the calculation of the distance per day 35 km. This means that this car is enough to travel within the city of Tebet-Grogol, for example, back and forth, without the need to load. Rely solely on solar energy.

So what do you think makes this electric car go so far? So Lightyear 0 is a car that takes solar energy and then converts it into electrical energy for its source of motion.

The way to take advantage of electrical energy is to use a solar panel with dimensions of about 5 meters. These solar panels are distributed throughout the upper area of ​​the car, such as the front hood, the trunk hood and the roof.

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Despite having a solar panel cross section, the Lightyear 0 electric car only has a total weight of 1.3 tons. This is thanks to the light weight of the materials it contains, such as the aluminum inlay and carbon fiber.

Advanced Solar Panel Technology at Lightyear 0

Light Year Specification 0
On the roof, hood and trunk of the Lightyear 0 are solar panels.

The advantage of the Lightyear 0 specification is actually in its solar panels. There is an addition of the new SunPower interdigitated reverse contact photovoltaic cell. Mounts to Solar Endurans conductive backplate.

This maximizes PV area, minimizes power loss from the cell to the module, and results in a 3 percent increase in power output.

In addition, users also need not be afraid that the car cannot work when there is no sun or cloudy weather. Because the Lightyear 0 can also charge a battery with a capacity of 60 kWh, which can be charged at home.

Lightyear claims that with fast charging, this solar electric car battery can be charged enough for 520 kilometers in 1 hour of charging. While in top condition, it can reach 725 km under the standard World Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP). Its own energy consumption is about 10.5 kWh per 100 km.

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To explore, the Lightyear 0 sedan is equipped with four electric motors. At full throttle, the electric car produces a maximum output of 136 horsepower, with a torque of 1,199 Nm. Speaking of performance, it is claimed that the Lightyear 0 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 10 seconds.

Lightyear interior made of ecological materials.

Lightyear Electric Car Specification
The Lightyear 0 uses the new Turanza-Eco tire innovation.

For the interior, the Lightyear 0 specs include a 10.1-inch touchscreen that supports wireless updates, as well as the use of completely animal-free upholstery that uses naturally-derived textiles, such as microsuede fiber-wrapped upholstery and rattan upholstery.

In addition to supporting peak performance, Lightyear 0 requires tires that offer very low rolling resistance and light weight to conserve battery life, maximize vehicle mileage and reduce environmental impact.

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Therefore, the automaker appointed Bridgestone as the official tire for the Lightyear 0 electric car, using the new Turanza-Eco tire innovation.

At the moment, these tires have been developed and used exclusively for the Lightyear 0 solar electric car. These tires combine for the first time the evolutionary technology of ENLITEN lightweight tires and ologic technology.

This technology is claimed to reduce weight by using raw materials during the production process, while reducing rolling resistance through innovative tread design, larger diameter, high inflated and slim design.

As a result, Turanza Eco tires can increase mileage compared to alternative tires specifically for other Bridgestone electric vehicle tires.

The tires are also claimed to be 10 percent lighter than other Bridgestone EV tires. This is a review of the specifications of the Lightyear 0 as a solar electric car. Keep checking Moladin.com for the latest automotive news updates.