SPM 2021: The success of a child getting 7A is quite significant

SPM 2021: The success of a child getting 7A is quite significant
SPM 2021: The success of a child getting 7A is quite significant

The results of SPM 2021 have already been released on June 16, 2022 around 10 am simultaneously throughout the country

A total of 407,097 SPM candidates registered during the year.

Of that number, only 9,696 candidates earned A scores in all subjects.

What a great achievement.

In Sarawak, there are 12 SPM students who got A+ in all subjects out of 36,386 students who signed up for the test.

It was an extraordinary decision for them.

Alhamdulillah mrhanafi’s daughter who is Darwina Haffi obtained 7A of 11 subjects taken.

Children and parents who like to joke around.

Thank you and congratulations to all educators and workers Religious High School Mature 2 in Kuching.

Not forgetting all those who were indirectly involved in Darwin’s success.

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May Allah SWT reward his services and kindness with the unceasing reward of Jariah.

Aamin Ya Rabbil Aalamin..

Gds 2021:
When making the decision SPM 2011

This result is quite brilliant for mrhanafi because Darwin is in the stream of religion combined with the theme of pure science.

It is not easy to get an A grade in the subjects of Arabic language, Islamic sharia education, and Quran and Sunnah education.

At the same time, strive to understand science subjects like biology, chemistry, physics, and additional math.

His brother used to record 8A on GDS 2020 of the nine subjects taken while studying MRSM Betong..

If mrhanafi himself is not necessarily capable of scoring as much A.

Imagine how many subjects are taken and how much time is spent studying those lessons.

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After making an effort to study, review, etc. for five years at the school, you can now get results in 2021.

Alhamdulillah..thanks to Allah SWT for being able to succeed with excellence

GDS 2021

Spm 2021 2
Happy overlay with the success of the child

The trip of his life is still far away.

The claims of life are full of mine, but academic success is an indicator to continue to be successful in whatever field you venture into.

What are the recipes for success and the ingredients for success?

Darwina admits that she is always focused in class and always maintains good relationships with her parents and relatives, as well as with teachers and friends.

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He added that it is necessary to manage time wisely and make plans before doing something.

Mrhanafi himself noticed Darwin a boy who generous to give alms.

For SPM 2021 graduates, congratulations to those who are successful and to those who are less successful, you can try again in another test.

The SPM certificate is not a 100% determining factor of success in life, but it can be the sweetest memory of a lifetime if you get the best and excellent results.

Only SPM or Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia still survive to continue compared to UPSR and PT3 which have now been abolished from the national general exam calendar.

Anyway, good luck everyone.