‘Storage Wars’ Dan and Laura Dotson Give Mom a Surprising Gift

‘Storage Wars’ Dan and Laura Dotson Give Mom a Surprising Gift
‘Storage Wars’ Dan and Laura Dotson Give Mom a Surprising Gift

storage wars Presenter Laura Dotson celebrated her mother Carol’s 80th birthday today. And to make sure Carol remains healthy and thriving, she gave him a little “heart test.”

On Twitter, Laura’s husband, Dan, gave his mother-in-law a shout out on her special day. And included a clip of Carol opening her birthday present, which came with an impressive magic trick.

As he removed the lid from a festive box, a large number of paper butterflies fluttered into the room. And then, after the lot hit the ground, another blast came out of the box, causing Carol to gasp.

“We gave her the heart test with the paper butterflies and she passed with flying colors,” Dan wrote.

Dan and Laura Dotson celebrate the successful run of ‘Storage Wars’

But Carol doesn’t just have a long life to celebrate today. She also has the joy of seeing her daughter and son-in-law following her literal dreams with their long-running reality series.

The couple coined the concept of storage wars and they became the faces and auctioneers of the series. Before the show started, the Dotsons ran their own auction business. But out of the blue, Laura began to dream of bringing her career to the screen.

“About 15 years ago, I had been having all these dreams where I kept seeing TV cameras all around us while we were at an auction,” he said. monsters and critics. “And I’m thinking, ‘Who wants to see things from the auction? Or this underground world of things where you never know what you’re going to find?’”

Laura eventually pitched the idea to A&E, and they decided there were millions of people out there who would love to “see things for auction.” However, network executives came to that conclusion after an unprofessional phone call.

“After we put it on the network, I was on the phone at an auction and they heard me say, ‘Stay out of the unit! Don’t touch that unit!’ And they say, ‘What’s going on?’ And I’m talking to executives and they’re like, ‘Tell us what’s going on?’ She continued.

A&E loved hearing about the inner workings of the auction process. So he decided to take a chance on Laura’s idea. And years later, storage wars has exceeded 300 episodes. It also just wrapped up its 14th season.

“It turns out [the show’s] just this exciting thing that I didn’t even know if anyone was going to be interested in,” Laura continued, later adding, “Everyone has the need to tune in every week because you know next week it’s going to continue. with someone’s life.”

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