Streamer Simulator Indonesia MOD Apk; Link and how to download

Streamer Simulator Indonesia MOD Apk;  Link and how to download
Streamer Simulator Indonesia MOD Apk; Link and how to download

Streamer Simulator Indonesia MOD Apk; Link and how to download: Streamer Simulator Indonesia is a game that is quite sought after by gamers because it includes a simulation game and you can become a streamer in it.

Everyone who plays this game means having to fight from scratch to really become a famous streamer.

Of course it won’t be easy. Well, that is why many choose to look for shortcuts or search for the mod version of Streamer Simulator Indonesia.

If you are curious, check out the following review.

Streamer Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk

It is actually the same as the original version, i.e. you will still be a would-be famous streamer, who starts his journey or career completely from scratch and has to get to the point of being popular or famous.

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In fact, to become a rich and extraordinary streamer, you have to work hard and it requires a lot of energy and time. However, not many are truly sincere and patient in completing missions in this game.

If you want it fast, you can use the modified version because of course it is equipped with several limited design features.

Game Features Streamer Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk

Well here lies the difference is very clear and prominent. Also, as a streamer, you don’t have to work hard, you don’t have to fight afterwards, because you have a lot of money.

Other features or cheats added in this mod version are as follows.

limited money
Unlock all PCs
Unlock PC Gold
can live the game
add live time
Complete Furniture Gold
HDR chart
Without delay

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Face Download Streamer Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk

The original version of the Indonesian Streamer Simulator game can be downloaded very easily with the help of the download platform namely Google Play Store. All you have to do is search for the name in the search box and then click download.

Meanwhile, you cannot get this Mod version through the Google Play store, but you have to use the link we will provide below.

Link Download Streamer Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk

  • Name Streamer Simulator Indonesia Mod
  • Verses v0.2 Mod
  • Original Developer KejewDev
  • Android 4.4+ minimum operating system
  • Size 1.18KB
  • Link Download Mod

How to install the app

If you have successfully downloaded the app via the link above, all you have to do is install it using the method below.

  1. Make sure you have installed the original Indonesian Streamer Simulator game from the play store
  2. Extract the Stream Simulator save data file you downloaded via the above link
  3. Then copy the SaveData_2 file that appears after Extract
  4. Go to device memory > android > data > com.kejawdev.StramerSimulator > files > then paste the SaveData_2 file in the Files folder. If you don’t want your progress to be lost, back up the SaveData_2 file to another folder first.
  5. If there is a File Overwrite notification, check Do this for all files and then click the Replace button
  6. The mod has been installed, play the game.
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This is how we hope our review will be useful.