Surprised Netizens Who Recycle Electronic Items Can Get RM100

Surprised Netizens Who Recycle Electronic Items Can Get RM100
Surprised Netizens Who Recycle Electronic Items Can Get RM100

Tular on this new social network, where a Twitter account owner known as Neyra revealed that she earned RM100 in digital money just by sending electronics to be recycled.

Recycling earns RM100

This was shared via his short tweet on Twitter page yesterday where by sending unusable electrical items you can get RM100 digital money at One Utama mall.

“The results of recycling used electronics at One Utama. It is our favorite place for people to recycle all used electronics like phones, laptops, batteries and others.” Cyapnya

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via Twitter Neyra

interested netizens

Seeing the contagious tweet, many netizens were interested in knowing more about the matter and asked the owner of the Twitter account.

“Application to what? Is there a store name?

“Whose side is Neyra on?” About netizens

Seeing many asking her questions, Neyra revealed that people can visit the mall in the new One Main building on the second floor and get information at the counter.

“Under the direction of One Utama. Please go to the information desk.”


“Level 2 of the new building” The answer

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via Twitter Neyra

Meanwhile, some also asked for detailed ways to get money and the types of electrical items One Utama management received.

Hi, can you share how it works? netizen asks

“Bring all the electronic waste that is there. I always send laptops, phones, power banks, batteries and others to the counter on the second floor of the new building.” Neyra replies

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via Twitter Neyra

“Other electrical items can go to you? Examples are rice cookers, griddles, water heaters, and others.” Ask one of the social media users.

“Yes” Neyra answered briefly.

Anyone who has electrical items that are no longer used can send them to One Utama Mall and get digital money through recycled items!

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