Table of Terms and Fees — PENTARU

Table of Terms and Fees — PENTARU
Table of Terms and Fees — PENTARU

OK Bank, as a private bank with decades of service experience, has attractive unsecured credit products. OK Bank KTA’s quick application plus not-so-difficult requirements provide a special appeal to customers.

Through OK Bank’s flagship product, customers can apply for unsecured loans with a maximum limit of Rs 3 crore to Rs 200 crore. OK Bank KTA’s competitive interest rates and terms of up to 5 years make this loan in high demand.

OK Bank Unsecured Loan is a leading unsecured loan product that makes it easy for customers to get cash loans. In addition, this OK Bank loan can be applied for various needs, both for working capital, investment and consumption needs.

What are the requirements and how much does the OK Bank loan installment table simulation cost? See the information below.

KTA OK Bank Terms

For those of you who have no experience applying for a loan from OK Bank, it is better to prepare the following requirements first:

  • 21 years old – 54 years old.
  • Have a valid e-KTP.
  • Have a job and a stable income.
  • Work certificate or salary receipt for employees.
  • Current account and proof of business legality for entrepreneurs.
  • NPWP for submissions above IDR 50 million.
  • Photocopy of the holder’s credit card.
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Fees and interest rates you need to know

KTA OK Bank is generally offered to workers and entrepreneurs with the objective of using the funds as working, investment or consumptive capital. The available loan limits range from IDR 3 million to IDR 200 million with a maximum payment term of 5 years or 60 months.

Here are some fees and interest rates you need to know:

  • Interest rate: 0.89% – 3.49% fixed per month.
  • Administration commission: 4.0% of the approved loan.
  • Provision fee: -.
  • Late payment penalty: 5% of the outstanding loan balance.
  • Penalty for early repayment: 5% of the remaining loan.

How to apply for a KTA loan from OK Bank

After knowing the above requirements, we will discuss how to apply for a loan. Applying for a KTA from OK Bank is quite easy and fast, here are the procedures:

  1. The first way, please open the application form here.
  2. Complete personal data.
  3. Write your name, NIK, mobile number and place of residence.
  4. Please fill out the information below to apply for a KTA loan from OK Bank.
  5. Choose your job status, company name, loan purpose, and monthly income.
  6. Click the “Submit” button to submit the request.
  7. Wait for official information from OK Bank officials.
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Whether the initial application form you submitted meets the criteria as a loan recipient. Next, the bank officer will ask you for a series of required documents that you must send by email. In short, just follow the process as per the bank officer’s guidelines until the disbursement of funds is complete.

In addition to online filings, you can also apply for unsecured loans directly by visiting the relevant bank representative office. For those of you who choose direct filing, you must first prepare the OK Bank KTA requirements before visiting the representative office.

OK Bank 2022 Fee Schedule KTA

The following is a simulation of a general KTA loan with a fixed interest rate of 1.89% per month.

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Table of Terms and Fees — PENTARU 5

The following is a simulation of Premium KTA with interest rates starting at a fixed 0.89% per month.

Table of Terms and Fees — PENTARU 6

OK Bank unsecured loans are an option for people looking for the best unsecured loans in Indonesia. In addition, this loan may be presented by the public only by attaching an Identity Card. Without payroll or proof of income, users can get a loan of up to IDR 10 million with fast disbursement.

For official information on OK Bank KTA’s terms and fee schedule, please contact the bank in question. You can also see user experience reviews who have used these loans.