Taufik Hidayat claims to be more successful if he is still active right now

Taufik Hidayat claims to be more successful if he is still active right now
Taufik Hidayat claims to be more successful if he is still active right now

BERITASEBELAS.COM The world of badminton is now rejoicing with the return of various international championships. Athletes use this time to pursue achievements and become number one in the eyes of the world.

Indonesian badminton world legend Taufik Hidayat said that he and Lee Chong Wei could be more successful if they played in the current era.

As is known, two legends of the world’s men’s singles badminton, Taufik Hidayat from Indonesia and Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia have just broadcast live on tiktok social media.

The two legends who are included in the fantastic world of badminton, along with the Danish men’s singles legend, Peter Gade, and the Chinese men’s singles legend, Lin Dan, discuss various things about the world of tepok bulu today.

One of the things that Taufik and Lee Chong Wei revealed was about the possibility of success in the current era of men’s singles badminton.

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As is known, the men’s singles sector is now dominated by players from Denmark, Viktor Axelsen, who recently won two trophies, the Indonesia Masters and the Indonesia Open 2022.

Meanwhile, Indonesia is represented by Anthony Sinisuka Ginting and Jonatan Christie, while Malaysia has its hopes pinned on Lee Zii Jia, who is ranked in the top 10 in the BWF world.

However, both Lee Chong Wei and Taufik Hidayat agree that if they exist in this era, they may be more successful than when they were active.

“If there is something I want to change, I want to change to be 22 years old. I think there will be a lot of chances to win the title,” said Lee Chong Wei.

This opinion was also shared by Taufik Hidayat, who said that he could win many titles if he were young and played badminton.

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“I believe in Chong Wei, if you play now, not out of arrogance, but if we are both 22 or 23 years old now, maybe we can win the title again,” Taufik Hidayat said.

Discuss childhood dreams and how to beat Axelsen

“Anyway, Chong Wei and I should be thankful, because not everything we want can be obtained, there must be dreams that cannot be fulfilled,” Taufik was quoted as saying by Hmetro.

Apart from talking about badminton right now, Taufik Hidayat and Lee Chong Wei also mentioned that they both liked other sports before falling down and becoming badminton athletes.

If Taufik Hidayat is known to have almost become a football athlete, then Lee Chong Wei really enjoyed basketball.

“First I played football, then my father asked me to play badminton because there was a bigger opportunity than this sport,” Taufik said.

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“I also play basketball, until I represent Malaysia. Like Taufik, my father likes badminton and asked me to play it,” added Lee Chong Wei.

On the other hand, Lee Chong Wei and Taufik Hidayat also discovered tactics to defeat the current king of badminton, Viktor Axelsen.

In an interview session on Live Tiktok Together, Taufik Hidayat said that Viktor Axelsen has advantages in terms of body posture. This factor, Taufik Hidayat said, made the Danish badminton player capable of throwing sharp spikes.

To beat Axelsen, Taufik Hidayat explained that his opponent must be able to balance himself in terms of speed. Furthermore, Taufik Hidayat also suggested that anyone who knew Axelsen should have more power.

Furthermore, Lee Chong Wei feels that Axelsen has shown consistent performance this year. This situation, Lee Chong Wei said, was a test for his opponent.

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