[Terbaik] 12 Logo Maker Apps for PC and Android

[Terbaik] 12 Logo Maker Apps for PC and Android
[Terbaik] 12 Logo Maker Apps for PC and Android

Logo Maker Android App

Logo Maker App for PC and Android – With the development of today’s mobile technology, visual editing can not only be done on a PC, but can also be done on mobile devices such as Android devices. In this more specific on how to design a logo. Not only on PC, on Android it is also easy to do.

RAM.Co.Id – But even for a professional, using sophisticated computer equipment is a fixed price. If you are currently looking for references of applications and software that can be used to design logos, then this is correct because below we share it with you to find references to find new software that can support your design activities. Here is the full list:

Logo Maker App on Android and PC

1. Logo Maker & Logo Maker (Free) [Android]

Logo Maker Android App

This Android logo maker app is designed for those of you who want to design quickly so you can meet your deadlines. There are 800 thousand logo templates that you can create a dream logo, this app supports 60 languages ​​including Indonesian. Of course, you can download this app for free on the PlayStore. Moreover, in this application there are already more than 3 thousand symbols that you can use to design a unique typographic logo.

Here are some of the main features of Logo Maker Logo Creator,

This software has some very interesting features, namely:

    • It has more than 3000 symbols, shapes and icons.
    • A symbol database service that can make it easy for you to search for symbols by keyword.
    • Full features of editing tools.
    • Circular and wavy text features
    • Administration services make it easy to organize your work.
    • Export service to transparent PNG or flat JPEG

Creating a logo on Android is not difficult, you can quickly create shapes, add shapes and edit.

Logo Maker Android App
Download logo maker and logo maker [Download]

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2. Infinity design [Android]

Logo Maker Android App

Infinite design is a free logo design app developed by Infinite Studio Moble Productivity which includes the best logo design app due to its completeness of features and it is also very sophisticated.

A proof of its sophistication is the support for exporting files from inkscape and SVG format from adobe illustrator. Infinite Design is perfect if you want to start learning logo design on Android. Inside there is a canvas feature that can make it easy for us to rotate and zoom, a pencil feature that makes it easy for us to design shapes, create 3D designs from up to 5 perspectives, and many others.

Being able to design a logo is a very special skill, although the method is quite complicated, but with the help of more and more sophisticated apps on Android, logo design becomes easier. If you are interested in learning, please download:

Logo Maker Android App

infinity design [Download]

3. Logo Maker [Android]

Logo Maker Android App

Logo Maker is the next alternative logo design app that is also not inferior to the features of other popular apps. Logo maker was developed by LaughingBird Software, this app was developed to simplify your design work using Android smartphone. By using Logo Maker, you can freely design and express ideas in your head.

Also, the Logo Maker app has hundreds of logo templates that you can directly apply to your logo design. Logo Maker also provides a step by step guide for those of you who are new to this app and makes your design activities even easier.

In terms of features, Logo Maker gives you the freedom to redesign the default template. So you can still create an original logo design. Interested in trying?

Logo Maker Android App

logo maker [Download]

4. ArtFlow: Sketchbook for Painting and Drawing [Android]

Logo Maker Android App

ArtFlow is here to be a solution for those of you who want a lightweight yet powerful app to help you design a cool logo.

Artflow has 70 functions that really help you in logo design, one of its main features is being able to export your designs to PSD, PNS and JPG formats. The artflow app can turn your Android into a digital canvas that has over 80 brush colors, smudges, color fills, and erase tools. So you can pour your drawing talent into ArtFlow.

Logo Maker Android App

ArtFlow: Sketchbook for painting and drawing [Download]

5. Logo Maker & Graphics Maker [Android]

Logo Maker Android App

If you are looking for an android app that can help you with your design quickly, Logo Creator And Graphics Maker is the answer.

You must try Logo Creator and Graphics Maker, because this app will help you create a logo design in just 3 minutes. Logo design time can be reduced due to its easy application and backed by dozens of great templates.

The mainstay of this app’s advanced features are hundreds of background colors that you can customize to your liking. You can create a product logo, a poster, an invitation, and many others. You can easily customize a logo template in this app, for the download link please click the link below.

Logo Maker Android App

Download Logo Creator & Graphics Maker [Download]

6. Logo Maker Plus [Android]

Logo Maker Android App

The next cool app that is not inferior to the next logo design app is Logo Maker Plus. Logo Maker plus was developed by an app company called Logopit, you can easily pour the ideas in your mind to become an attractive logo.

Logo Maker plus offers a large selection of free elements and vectors to help you edit or create a new logo.

The logo maker is very easy to use so it can save your time to create a logo. You can easily draw textures and then color them. If you are interested, please download it from the following link:

Logo Maker Android App

Download Logo Maker Plus [Downlod]

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