The 2021 ICC T20 Cricket Men’s World Cup kicks off in Oman and the United Arab Emirates!

The 2021 ICC T20 Cricket Men’s World Cup kicks off in Oman and the United Arab Emirates!
The 2021 ICC T20 Cricket Men’s World Cup kicks off in Oman and the United Arab Emirates! – T20 Cricket: ICC-2021 Men’s World Cup kicks off in Oman and the United Arab Emirates!ICC (International Cricket Council)

The long-delayed Men’s T20 World Cup, which was originally scheduled to take place in Australia from October 18 to November 15, 2020, has been canceled due to the global COVID-19 situation and moved to India instead of the championship trophy being will take place in 2021 and was changed again. to Oman and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in view of the worsening pandemic situation in India.

It finally started on October 17, 2021. This is just the official start, because for the first five days until October 22 the matches only Angka tim yang memenuhi syarat untuk Super-12 yang dimulai dari on October 23.

The ICC has also earlier decided to combine the Champions trophy (last played in 2018) with the T20 World Cup and this means there will be back-to-back T20 World Cups this year and also in 2022.

India played their first match in the tournament against Pakistan Archives on 24 October 2021, amidst some disparate voices with Pakistan’s ongoing terror attacks on Indian soil.

The ICC has increased the number of participating teams from 10 in the 2019 version to 16 this time, granting participating status to 104 countries;

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This ICC expansion plan is being looked at in light of the popularization of this format around the world and making strong claims for this format of cricket to be included in the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles from July 21. .

This T20 format, the shortest of the games, is considered ideal for the Olympic calendar. Of the 16 teams in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup-2021, 8 teams qualified directly and the remaining 8 teams are divided into Group-A and Group-B,

Each group of 4 teams will play round-robin matches with the top two teams from each group joining the Super-12.

All 16 teams have been selected based on their ICC rankings with the sole exception of Oman, who have earned their place as one of the hosts.

In the Group B doubleheader on day one, Papua New Guinea beat slow-moving Oman and Bangladesh had to succumb to an energetic Scotland, both matches played in Muscat, Oman.

We provide the team stage breakdown below, which also explains the format of the tournament:

stage group team

Round 1: Group A Sri Lanka, Ireland, the Netherlands and Namibia

Round 1: Group B Bangladesh, Scotland, Papua New Guinea and Oman

Super 12: Group 1 England, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, A1 and B2

Super 12: Group 2 India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Afghanistan, A2 and B1

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This causes some confusion when reading the image above, taken from the ICC website, where the semi-finals between A1 vs B2 and A2 vs B1 are shown, which actually refers to the top two teams in the super-12 stage of the group. 1 and group-2 each.

As a result, there are four groups in the World Cup, each group group plays each other on a round-robin basis and after the first stage of the four emerging qualified teams, the super-12 groups can also be considered as Group- A and Group-B.

The distinctive format of the World Cup makes the gap between your favorite team’s matches stretch to a week.

For example, India, after playing Pakistan on October 24 in their first match, only played their second match on October 31 against New Zealand.

Overall, India played just five matches before the semi-final knockout stage, which was a disappointment to cricket lovers and fans alike: a number of top competitive teams never met each other throughout the tournament.

For that, I have always upheld the need for the ICC to change the format of the world cup, make it a one-day cup or a T20 round-robin cup just so that the entire super-12 is played on a per-player basis. all against all. which makes the tournament more difficult and more competitive.


Of course, it took more than a month, but some critics say that the current time frame of around a month is too long for such a limited number of matches.

The T20 World Cup has started more or less following the style and glamor index of the Indian Premier League (IPL), but without following the basic format of the competition.

Of course, not as many as 14 times, but all 12 teams on the super stage should be able to play each other at least in the one-day format and twice in the T20 format.

However, the competition is going to be really tough with each nation in the team trying to win the title for their fans, and reigning champions West Indies will surely try to win it again apart from the tough ones like India, Australia and England.

New Zealand and South Africa, and dark horses like Pakistan, Bangladesh or Afghanistan, which are unpredictable and the like. As has been proven in many cases, anything can happen in a three to four hour game, like the twists and turns in a thriller or suspense movie.

Based on the experience of IPL-2021, it seems that the spinners may benefit from the somewhat slow pitch from the UAE, particularly Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.