The 3 best reading apps to earn money for Android

The 3 best reading apps to earn money for Android
The 3 best reading apps to earn money for Android

Do you want to earn money just by reading the news? This is the right article for you because here Sipitek will review various news reading apps that can make money.

Apart from being able to get information about the latest and current news, by using this app you can also get money or credit just by reading the news.

There are many news reading apps that you can use on Android but there are only a few apps that provide rewards in the form of rupees and credit.

In addition to reading the news, some apps also provide other methods to earn rewards, from inviting friends, check in every day, to share articles on social networks.

Here is a list of the best news reader apps that you can use to earn money:



The first app that you can use to earn money is Cashzine. This application presents news on various topics, from entertainment, health, social, to international news.

Every time you read an article, you will get a reward of 50 gold coins that can be exchanged for cash. In one day, you can only read 100 articles, so every day you can get 5000 gold coins.

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In addition to reading news, you can also get 8,000 gold by inviting friends using the invite code in your account.

Besides, you can also get free gold coins with just check in every day, you can get 50 to 200 gold coins.

Interestingly, you can also withdraw cash gold coins at local bank accounts including Bank Mandiri, BCA, BRI and BANK UOB Indonesia.

For details on the number of gold coins that can be exchanged along with the rupees money that can be obtained, including 50,000 coins (Rp 10,000), 500,000 coins (Rp 100,000), 1,000,000 coins (Rp 200,000) and 2,000,000 coins (Rp 400,000).

2.Buzz Break


Like the previous application, to obtain points that can be exchanged for money, you only need to read the news. If you manage to read an article, you will get 50 points.

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Interestingly, the number of articles you can read in this application is not limited, so in one day you can accumulate as many points as possible.

This app also features news from major media outlets such as Detik, Kompas, VIVA, etc. so that the featured news is enough. up to date and reliable.

In addition to reading news, you can also earn points by inviting friends using your invite code, every time you successfully invite others to use this app, you will get 45000 points.

In addition, you can also earn 6,000 points by following BuzzBreak’s Facebook and Messenger pages and 10,000 points when you share the BuzzBreak app with groups on social media.

Once collected, you can redeem points for cash from $0.02 up to $0.50. You can withdraw the money to Paypal or Funds.


Roof Plus

The next news reading app to earn money is READ PLUS. Just like the previous app, the news presented in this app also comes from major media outlets like Tribunnews, Detik, Kompas, etc.

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In addition, this app also provides news on various topics, ranging from politics, health, entertainment, humor, football, sports, games, automotive, technology, economy, etc.

In addition to reading news, you can also earn money and coins by inviting friends using a referral code, sharing articles, taking daily leave, etc.

The coins that have been collected will be automatically converted to rupees, you can exchange these coins for prepaid card credit or Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile game coupons. For the credit, you can get a minimum of IDR 50,000 and a maximum of IDR 100,000.

Those are some news reading apps you can use to get rupees or money pulse. By using the above application, in addition to being able to get the latest information on the latest news, you can also make chests of rupees. So which app do you think is the most interesting?