The 5 best plants for privacy in your garden

The 5 best plants for privacy in your garden
The 5 best plants for privacy in your garden

When it comes to creating privacy for your property, fences will naturally be your first consideration. However, for many people, a fence will not be a concrete solution or will not work at all. What can you do then? This is where it can be helpful to learn more about the best plants for privacy in your garden.

Actually, a natural screen is much easier to set up than you think. You can also create a whole new atmosphere for your outdoor space. You also get the benefit of adding more and different types of greenery to the space. Privacy plants come in all shapes and sizes. All of them come with the enticing benefits of adding privacy, shade, and an exterior shape you probably never imagined for your backyard.

What plants are best for backyard privacy?

Privacy is something we all deserve. This applies to both the interior of your home and the exterior. With that in mind, here are the 7 best plants to establish privacy on your property:

  1. Bamboo: When we think of privacy plants, we usually don’t immediately consider bamboo. However, take a look at some examples of bamboo being used for privacy and you can begin to see the possibilities. Not only are you adding a considerable element of natural height to your garden, but you are also creating a decidedly beautiful and modern looking space.


  1. The Tree of Life: In terms of privacy fences, this is one of the most popular options out there. You can create an impressive and decidedly dense hedge around your area. These trees also do very well in a wide variety of soil conditions. There are also different sizes and varieties, ensuring that you can find something to suit your needs.
Arbor Vitae 1

The Tree of Life

  1. jump laurel: Producing impressive, very dense green foliage, the white flowers that appear on this plant during the warmer months of the year add a lovely splash of color to your outdoor area. When properly cared for, they provide you with a privacy screen up to ten feet tall.
Skip Laurel

jump laurel

  1. Cactus: This is another example of a great privacy plant that usually doesn’t occur to people. For that, we can only suggest looking at some examples of cacti for privacy. You will be impressed not only by the heights that they can reach, but also by the decidedly impressive fence that can be made with them. If you live in a climate that could be described as hot and dry, this will be one of your best options. Just watch out for the ones with needles!


  1. Boxwood: This evergreen option is another great way to set the mood for your garden. If you want to keep your privacy plants in a box or pot, boxwood will be one of your best options. The containers typically used for these plants add an element of privacy to a significant degree. We also like the fact that you can prune/shape these plants to better suit what you want on the privacy front.



While you can create an entire privacy fence from plants, you may not want to go this route. It can also be simply impossible. For those folks, consider creating the privacy you need by combining a traditional privacy fence with plants that strive to do the same thing. Plants can enhance the privacy of the fence, while also creating something that will look quite unique. This may be the most optimal privacy setting, depending on the type of garden. You can even combine the best privacy plants for your particular needs with a charming picket fence.

5 Best Privacy Plants For Your Yard

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