The 7 strongest villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the most difficult to conquer!

The 7 strongest villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the most difficult to conquer!
The 7 strongest villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the most difficult to conquer!

The following is a row of the strongest villains in the MCU!

Who, anyway, isn’t familiar with the movies made by the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the MCU?

Whenever there is a new movie airing in theaters, the audience will immediately flock to it. It’s no wonder so many MCU movies have entered the box office world.

The MCU production film tells the story of the Super Hero Based on Marvel Comics. In the movie, the Super Hero we have to fight villain disturbing world peace.

So what exactly is a villain? I want to know who villain strongest in the MCU? Rukita will cover it for you!

What are the villains?

As mentioned above, the MCU is known for movies that tell stories about superheroes. A superhero is a person who has great strength and is instrumental in upholding the truth.

Whenever there is a good person, there will always be a bad person. Villain he is an evil figure who is the opposite of a superhero. Villain has features and thoughts that are at odds with the figure of a warrior.

They usually do bad things to achieve their goals, like wanting to rule the world! well if there isn’t villainthen it’s not called a superhero movie!

These are some of the strongest villains in the MCU!

Character villain from the MCU come from a variety of backgrounds. Some of these villain figures are ordinary humans who then have superpowers and have certain ambitions. The next is villain strongest in the MCU. Who’s there, huh?

1. Thanos

The Villain Is - Thanos

Thanos is villain which caused much death and destruction. Yes, Thanos even wiped out half the world’s population! Making him one of the scariest creatures in the world.

He was obsessed with balance after seeing the destruction of his homeworld. Thanos traveled the galaxy to get infinity stone and aims to ensure that the universe’s resources are not depleted by its inhabitants.

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Then he uses it all. infinity stone to carry out his intentions, strike a balance by eliminating the half of the population that is considered weak.

Thanos is a powerful being because he doesn’t die after using iinfinity stone. Even avengers You have to travel back in time to undo everything.

2. Xu Wenwhu / The Mandarin

The Mandarin

then there is villain which comes from the movie “Shangchi”, namely Xu Wenwhu or The Mandarin. Xu Wenwhu found 10 mystical rings that gave him superhuman strength.

These rings are telepathically controlled and capable of smashing opponents to pieces!

Xu Wenwhu discovered immortality and used it to conquer civilizations for thousands of years until the modern era. He even founded the Ten Rings army, creating his own criminal empire.

However, he later falls in love with the guardian of an ancient gate named Ta Lo which prevents him from becoming an ancient warlord.

3. Hello

Hela - The Mcu'S Strongest Villain

hela is villain who was able to defeat almost every Asgardian he encountered. Can you imagine how strong this goddess of death is?

Hela was originally Odin’s right-hand woman, who helped him conquer the nine realms and lead Asgard. However, Hela then tries to take the power for herself!

Odin managed to subdue Hela for a time, but Hela returned again after Odin’s death, then destroyed Mjolnir and took over Asgard.

Thor and Loki try to defeat Hela by making her fight against the power of the fire demon Surtur. The battle ultimately destroyed Asgard and left its inhabitants adrift on universe.

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4. Infinite Ultron

The Villain Is - Infinity Ultron

Early on, Iron Man created robots to help deal with threats and evil in the world. He and Banner used mind stone found in the scepter of Asgard, to create an AI that can help with this.

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However, Ultron instead aims to destroy humanity. He considers that the world’s greatest threat comes from humans. Ultron becomes a powerful robot after building his own body using vibranium.

Fortunately, after a long fight, the Avengers finally managed to defeat Ultron! Admittedly though, Ultron had time to overwhelm the Avengers!

5. Loki

Loki - Villain Mcu

Loki originally became villain who fought his brother Thor because he wanted to rule Asgard. He managed to temporarily take over Asgard by posing as Odin. Loki also worked with Thanos to get tesseract for him.

This figure has magical and fighting abilities that make it a dangerous threat to warriors. hero.

however, unique god of mischief this can also be of great help to the Avengers, you know? The Loki figure is then killed by Thanos and makes Thor feel lost.

6. Dormammu

Villain Is.  - Your Bedroom

Next, there is your Dormam. Dormammu only appears briefly in “Doctor Strange,” but he’s on the list. villain the most powerful MCU has ever faced.

Dormammu is a monstrous entity that Kaecilius is trying to inflict on our world. He possesses apocalyptic powers and is a primordial interdimensional being.

The entire world could quickly fall into this rule of a dark dimension. Fortunately, we have a Doctor Strange figure that can hold the realities of the world.

7. Self

Z 30

The ego is the most powerful being the Guardians of the Galaxy have ever faced. Yeshe is a Heavenly who turned out to be Star-Lord’s father!

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The body of the Ego represents a great planetary organism. His goal is to use the “seed” planted on another world, his children, to take over the planet and absorb it. He wanted to be the only life form in the universe.

Ego’s power level was immense and he was difficult to kill. One must reach the core of the world from him and destroy that core. However, it is very difficult to do.

One way to stop Ego’s evil plans is to use the power of Star-Lord. Star-Lord is the only son of Ego with celestial abilities.

Do you know who the line is? villain strongest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Of course, villain is a villain who is usually the opponent of the heroes. But, the MCU managed to make a character. villain effective!

Who villain the strongest in your opinion? Write in the comment column, yes!

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