The beauty of Pulau Weh is the best diving spot in the far west of Indonesia

The beauty of Pulau Weh is the best diving spot in the far west of Indonesia
The beauty of Pulau Weh is the best diving spot in the far west of Indonesia
Pulau Weh is the best place to dive
Stay, Diving / Snorkeling at the coral beach, Enjoy the natural scenery, Selfi as much as possible with the beauty of nature, there are many beaches.
opening hours 24 jams nonstop
price of admission
Address Altitude: 617 m, Province: Aceh, Location: Southwest Sumatra Island, Indonesia

Not in the central or eastern part of Indonesia, if you want to explore a beach with a very beautiful biodiversity, Pulau Weh is the answer. Weh Island is located in the southeast of Sumatra Island. This island is also the location of the kilometer zero monument in Indonesia. If you come here, you will not only be satisfied with dozens of enchanting beaches, but you will also be able to directly see the Indonesian kilometer zero monument from very close. To tour this island you only need 1 day, and on the way you can see extraordinary natural landscapes.

Weh Island
Weh Kapal Island
Weh Swimming Island
Snorkeling On Weh Island
Weh Bandulan Island
Weh Island Itself
Weh Biur Island
Weh Loncat Island
Weh Em Island
Weh Tugu Island

Weh Island it is one of the best tourist attractions that must be visited by those who like diving and surfing, because this island is the best place for diving in Indonesia. One of Aceh’s attractions is still not well known to tourists, especially local tourists.

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On this island you can enjoy the charm of its underwater beauty. Going around the nature trail that skirts around Sabang Island from the big island of Sumatra, you will feel a unique feeling that cannot be found anywhere else and see the beauty of Pulau Weh. The sea waves on this island are quite strong. Therefore, this island is also usually the right choice for those who want to surf.

One of the beaches on this island is Iboih Beach. This beach is often visited by tourists because they want to go diving. Said in this place the best diving tourism in the far west of Indonesia.

Weh Island in Sabang

Diving in Pulau Weh is undoubtedly the best experience that cannot be forgotten, because this island is one of the best places to dive in Indonesia. Its underwater beauty is also included in the ranks of today’s famous Raja Ampat tourism. That is why diving lovers frequently visit this marine tourist area.

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Many coral reefs live under the sea of ​​this island. One of the interesting places in Aceh is located in the extreme west of Indonesia. The location of Pulau Weh is at the entrance road in the Straits of Malacca, so you can see many cruise ships and yachts crossing the sea around this island. This is quite a spectacular sight while enjoying the beauty of tourism on this island.

Visiting Sabang means that you are at kilometer zero of Indonesia. On this island there is an Indonesian kilometer zero monument to mark it. To explore the beaches in the Sabang area, you must walk, but you can also use taxis, minibuses, cars or motorcycles.

Exploring this island can take you to various interesting places, such as waterfalls, volcanoes, hot springs, Japanese bunkers during World War II, sacred durians, historical tombs, and the city of Sabang itself.

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On this island you can also find shopping tours. There are still many Indonesians who are not familiar with this Aceh tourism. Over time, the infrastructure development has improved, and now more and more people are familiar with it.

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Typical souvenirs from the area are creative coconut wood products. Maybe you can take it home as a souvenir after that. You can also visit the traditional markets to get fresh fruit and share snacks.

Weh Island Location Map

The location of this island, to be precise, is at the entrance to the Strait of Malacca. If you are leaving from Banda Aceh, you can take the ferry in the morning at Ulee Lheue port and arrive at Gapang beach.

Using a ferry will take several hours, but it’s different if you use a speedboat which only takes around 45 minutes. Meanwhile, if you are from Medan, you have to go to Banda Aceh first, you can use a plane or take a bus. If you’re still having trouble, use the Google Maps app on your phone to find the location from where you are.

Enjoy the best places to dive in Indonesia by visiting Weh Island East. You will feel the best sensation and experience in this beautiful tourist area.