The best medical god in town – Chapter 830 – Firan Novel

The best medical god in town – Chapter 830 – Firan Novel
The best medical god in town – Chapter 830 – Firan Novel

Read chapter 830 of Best Medical God Novels in Indonesian City.

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Seeing this scene, Zheng Lao sighed, took out a formation plate and threw it, as if determined: “This matter is bound to not end well, since this is the case, now is the time to use that power, Master Jing Shui ruler, We can’t let people go bad! Masters and disciples of the God of Medicine, let’s eliminate him. What a shame, that child is so talented!”

“This is good!”

The others nodded! Fingers pinch, a ray of light remains in the palm of your hand.

Ji Siqing under the stage saw this scene, her face changed a lot, and she quickly said: “Be careful!”

But it’s too late!

Five essences and blood were expelled, and the ancient runes condensed.

The runes were suspended in midair and formed into a formation.

Then, the formation ground opened up and a huge beast shadow suddenly formed!

This is a blood wolf with nine horrible heads.

Cold eyes, with killing intent!

Fangs pierced through people, looking down on everything condescendingly.

The crowd exclaimed when they saw the nine blood wolves come out!

“This… This is Lord Jingshui’s ancient killing formation, the Nine Dragons Candlelight Demonic Formation! This formation was originally created by Lord Jingshui, and even the formation elders were not opponents! The formation must have been delivered by Master Jingshui. From the referee bench, two people from the Medical God Sect are now dead!”

“No matter how strong Duan Huai’an is, it’s impossible to resist this Nine Dragons Candlelight Demonic Formation!”

Hearing the voices coming out of his ears, Chen Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, although he had never heard of this formation, from the point of view of momentum, this formation was definitely not something he and master could handle! !

He even smelled the same scent of that blood dragon as the Great Reincarnation Lord Cemetery.

This ancient formation was completely unusual and extremely dangerous.

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Who is this Master Jingshui?

Duan Huai’an also sensed the danger and said to Chen Ye: “Master, since things have come to this situation, it is worth noting the quota for this battle of geniuses, after all, the Kunlun Xu Sect knows how to do it! We are back! Now, what we have to do The only thing is to leave, I’m holding these nine beasts, go quickly!”

“And remember to reveal your other identity!”

Although Duan Huai’an knew that Chen Ye was Ye Yantian, if he reported Ye Zhitian’s identity, he would definitely change the situation a bit and maybe even gain short-term security.

But all this is only temporary, if you reveal your identity before you have absolute power, you will only die faster!

At that time, before the medicine gate grows, he will be strangled in the cradle.

This was Kunlun Xu’s ruthless rule.

Naturally, Chen Ye couldn’t leave, so he drew his longsword and coldly said, “Master, since this Master Jingshui’s strength is so strong, our masters and disciples might as well learn a bit!”

Duan Huai’an hesitated for a few seconds, then nodded and said: “Okay!”

After the words fell, two figures ran out with swords.

But the nine-headed blood wolf waved its monstrous fangs and head, and when the soles of its feet were lightly struck, cracks appeared on the ground.

visible power.

The cracks spread out, like blades, towards Duan Huai’an and Chen Ye.

With a light swing of the longsword, it naturally opened.

Duan Huai’an’s eyes flashed with a touch of coldness, but he knew the legend of this Master Jing Shui, this man was almost a genius, and he was admired by many.

Even his strength was terrifying!

No sect dared to offend!

The power of such a person cannot be underestimated, once underestimated, it is death.

He bent his right leg, releasing his energy, and his body was nearly ten meters in the air. The true energy of his dantian surged into the sword body like a wave.

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“Ask Azure Cloud Sea Sword, destroy it!”

With a roar, a hundred-foot-high sword suddenly exploded, directly decapitating the nine-headed blood wolf’s head.


Severed head! Her blood from him was even more fired!

Duan Huai An was very happy and just wanted to cut off the second head of the nine-headed blood wolf!

Unexpectedly, the severed head was actually reborn!

His body was dumbstruck, and before he could fully react, the nine-headed blood wolf pounced on Duan Huai’an.

Duan Huai’an wanted to dodge, but found that an invisible force seemed to be imprisoning him!

Suddenly, he thought of something, looked down, and found that he was already in formation.

This ancient formation even had the power to bind!


The body of the nine-headed blood wolf directly hit Duan Huai’an’s chest, no matter how strong it is, it can’t hold the blood! The body hit the ground hard.

A deep hole appeared in the sand in an instant, and even more dust was splashed out.


The nine-headed blood wolf roared, and under its terrifying head, its cold fangs bit into Duan Huai’an.

Once touched, under the power of the Nine Heads, it must be torn apart on the spot.

The other referees smiled coldly at this scene.

Nanming Taoist said sadly: “Duan Huaian, how about you return your dantian? What you have to deal with is Master Jingshui, and the Kunlun Xu upper sect has to give Master Jingshui something in the face, which is why so many years. , Kunlun’s virtual genie fight, the reason no one is causing trouble! And today, you, the Garbage Sect Master, do you really think you can control everything? This is ridiculous!”

“Everyone, let’s personally send Duan Huaian to the street!”

The fingers of the five people were pinched, and a trail of blood light instantly enveloped the nine blood wolves.

The body of the blood wolf is getting bigger and bigger, and there is even a little rhyme between the waves!

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Just as Fang was about to touch Duan Huai’an, a figure instantly blocked Duan Huai’an.

“Beasts, return!”

Chen Ye struck his sword directly, the blood dragon roared in his body, and the infinite power of the blood dragon devoured him.

Sword Intent fell, and the momentum of the whole body exploded violently, the momentum was terrifying!


Chen Ye’s sword struck the fangs of the nine blood wolves!

But it has no effect!

Only Mars is cruel!

Even if Chen Ye were to lose most of his true energy in battle right now, it would be impossible!

“Little beast, don’t waste your energy, I must admit that you are among all geniuses, and your strength is enough to enter the top 20, but this formation was specially designed by Master Jing Shui for the strong. Don’t worry you two, master and disciple. Open up, if I were you, I’d kneel in the ring begging for mercy, maybe like this, I’ll make your death less painful!”

Daoist Nanming’s voice sounded.

At the same time, the nine blood wolves were suppressed again!

Chen Ye didn’t care about everything and wanted to let the blood dragon out of his body, but found that there seemed to be a force preventing the blood dragon from coming out!

In formation, hit everyone!


“Kneel down, how? Of course you can’t kneel alone, and the immortal behind you must also kneel! Master Jingshui is not something that ordinary people can offend!”

Tao Nanming melanjutkan!

“I don’t care if it’s mirror water or dirty water, if he dares to touch my master, I’ll kill him too!”

In short, the impulse is like thunder, dominating the world, and no one can resist it!

A thunderous roar shook the entire arena, and everyone’s eardrums ached, as if they were about to be torn apart.

The breath was even fiercer.