The best vandalism skins to play Valorant

The best vandalism skins to play Valorant
The best vandalism skins to play Valorant

Best vandal skins – Valorant is one of the most popular modern FPS games today. In addition to playing with friends or competitively, Valorant offers a variety of interesting skins for you to play and show off to other players.

Vandal is one of the most used shots in valorant games, along with phantom, sherrif, bulldog, and various other shots. There are several interesting skins that have been released by Valorant game, but do you know which skins are the best and most interesting skins in Valorant game? Here is a row of the best vandal skins for you!

robber vandal

Robber Vandal

Reaver Vandal is one of the favorite Vandal skins for all Valorant players, from small ranks to Radiant. This is because this skin comes at a price that is not expensive enough, namely 1775 VP or around 200 lakhs. You can unlock various dark effects and also change the color of vandalism in 4 interchangeable colors.

The main effect of the reaver hooligan is the classic sound and buzz effect that makes it easier for players to “feel” shooting their hooligans to get “a touch”. Almost the entire Valorant gaming community believes that the Reaver Vandal is the best vandal skin ever created in the Valorant game.

first vandal

First Vandal

Next up is Reaver Vandal’s main rival, Prime Vandal. Prime Vandal is a series of Prime Skins that are also crafted into other weapons, such as Prime Phantom. This skin is priced the same as the Looter Vandal which is 1775 VP or around 200k.

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This skin also has a choice of 4 colors and a wolf finish effect as well as a slim modern sound that is good for quick shots or producing “one touch” and killing enemies nicely.

RGX 11Z Pro Vandal

Rgx 11Z Pro Vandal

Next up is the recently released Vandal namely the RGX 11X Pro Vandal. This skin is priced at 2175 PV or around 240 thousand rupees. The uniqueness of this skin is the gamer-style RGB colored effect which, when you inspect it, will change the lines into interesting colors like purple, white, red, etc.

In addition, you can also change the exterior color of vandalism with 4 types. Of course, this vandal also has a cool single-player style finisher effect. This Vandal has a similar feel to Prime Vandal but with a heavier sound effect.

Vandal Glitchpop

Vandal Glitchpop

Then there is the Glitchpop Vandal skin with an arcade game theme that you can of course change in 4 colors. This hooligan is priced at 2175 PV or around 240 lakhs. Color effects and shots are very vivid.

Glitchpop hooligans are unique in that they “feel” like they shoot faster than other hooligans. The arcade effect is also unique in that it includes a variety of different themes based on the basic colors you use, such as light blue, dark blue, gold, and red.

Ancient Flame Vandal

Ancient Flame Vandal

Then there are also masks that have become controversial due to their very different sizes and shapes compared to other vandalism masks. The skin is the Elderflame vandal skin. This skin takes the theme of the form of a dragon being used as a weapon. You can also choose from 4 interchangeable color options after you buy it. This skin comes at quite a high price compared to other skins, which is around 2475 VP or around 280 lakhs.

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What is unique about this skin of course is that it looks like a dragon that can move and appears to be alive and has cool animation effects. The finishing effect that makes the last enemy die by being sprayed with fire by the dragon is also very good.

home vandal

Home Vandal

Origin Vandal is a skin that is priced at 1775 PV or around 200K. You can also replace the original vandal with 4 color options namely original, white, red and black. The uniqueness of this hooligan is inspection, which turns this weapon by letting go of the hand as if there is a power that can control this hooligan.

Sentinels of Light Vandal

Sentinels Of Light Vandal

Then there is the Sentinels of Light Vandal skin which you can buy for 2175 VP or around 240 lakhs. The uniqueness of this new vandalism is the effect and movement of the muzzle of the weapon that rotates when changing. Then of course you can also get a finishing effect and also 4 basic skin colors such as purple, brown, creamy white and orange red.

This Vandal takes on the theme of LoL story battles against the blight or dark side of the enemy that stalks the Runeterra region.

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The sound effects and weapons of Sentinels of Light Vandal are almost the same as those of Origin and Reaver, it could be that the sound effects and inspections of this skin are a combination of the two skins.

gaia vandal

Gaia Vandal

The following is one of the vandalism skins that recently came out with the theme of the tree of life under the name of Gaia Vandal. The finisher effect in the form of an enemy that dies and turns into a tree is one of the attractions and uniqueness of this vandal.

Gunshot sound effects are quite loud like the RGX but heavier without the screeching sound like Prime and RGX. You could say that the feel or feel of wearing it is similar to wearing Vandal without skin, but it has cool color and sound effects.

You can have this skin at a price of 2175 VP or around 240 thousand rupees.

the last word

Those are some of the best Valorant skins that you can consider before buying a Vandal skin featured in your shop. Hopefully this information can be useful to you. Thank you for visiting the Milesia website and we hope you enjoy your visit. Friends, don’t forget to read various articles about other interesting games!’

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