The best VPN apps for Android phones

The best VPN apps for Android phones
The best VPN apps for Android phones

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. Today let’s talk about the best VPN apps for Android phones and start with the complete information of these free VPNs for Android. You will find all the basic information in this article. If you are searching Google for the best VPN for Android phones, then you are at the right blog post. Here I will try to cover all the basic and important information about these VPNs.

Sometimes you never find any reliable app that protects your private information and changes your location. Because there are more fake apps available on the internet so that you get confused in choosing one. But, if you are also facing this problem then don’t worry because here I have a complete solution for this important issue. So let’s talk about these best VPNs for smartphones. Let me inform you that these VPNs are free.

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The best VPN apps for Android

Super VPN

Super VPN is one of the best VPN for Android users. It is the best VPN for everyone who wants to use free VPN connection. You can connect this connection with one click. Therefore, you can easily connect and disconnect connections with just one click. It helps you protect your connections as well as you want. There are hundreds of locations available for free connection. It provides you with a simple interface and user experience, which is everyone’s need these days. Super VPN is the best VPN for Android phone use. It provides you with a 20-day free trial and that is more than enough for all Android users. After this free trial session, you can use VPN for 60 minutes only. The best part of this VPN is that it does not require any login information and it is the best near me.

Another very interesting thing is that you can reconnect it after a small duration of connection disconnection. The current version of this app is 2.7.2 and it is a very amazing version. The total size of this VPN is 13 Mb and you can easily install this software in its small size of RAM. I recommend this VPN for your personal use. Now, let’s talk about the second best VPN for Android mobile phones.


vpn shuttle

Shuttle VPN is the second best VPN for all Android users, allowing you to access blocked websites and banned apps. For example, TikTok is banned in Pakistan and most of the people use this social media app just because of the VPN. If you also live in Pakistan and also want to use TikTok and PUBG then you must use this app. With the help of this VPN, you can easily view and access all kinds of block content. All services of this software are free in this application. This is one of the best VPN apps after Super VPN. If sometimes super VPN is not working properly due to some technical issues, you can download this app. There is no question about the performance of this app because I use it.

It allows you to get all kinds of content from Google Chrome and other social media platforms. Let me tell you one more interesting thing about this app: you can also play blocked and banned games. This app is more than enough for all kinds of Android users. In this application there are many countries available and it is up to you which one you have to choose. Data and location privacy are not compromised. It will not show your real location. Your device will appear in the selected location.


I think these features are enough to make it special compared to other local VPNs. Time to discuss the third VPN app.

Tomato Free VPN

Time to talk about the third best VPN app. If I talk about its overall performance, it is very good like other apps. This app is trusted by 50 million people, which is the largest number of downloaders. People’s overall review of this app is readable. All major features are available in this app to make your VPN experience of a high standard. You can play all kinds of Android games. The total size of this application is 19 Mb. This is a small size of space that can easily fit in any Android mobile phone. You should try this app right away. The language supported by this app is English, which is an easy-to-understand international language. It has a simple interface which also helps the user to understand it easily. The developer of this app is IronMeta Studio.

The developers of these apps are highly trained and very good software developers. It has a total of 68 thousand downloads. Here I would like to add another amazing fact about this app: You can also download this app on iPhone. Its current version is 2.7.200 and it has good features. There are no restrictions for the user to use the connection. However, sometimes you will see ads in this app. This is not a high level problem. Just ignore these ads and enjoy your connection. it helps you to change your real location and allows you to change the location as well as you want. You can connect any location from the 60+ locations given.


Avast VPN Secure Line

This application was developed by the developers of Avast. This VPN has all those features that every modern user needs. This is a super fast VPN. You can change your location when you need to browse privately. It keeps your connection as secure as you want. Let me tell you that 345 million people download and use this app. This reason is enough to convince anyone to use this app. It provides you with the ability to connect the connection with one click. This is the fastest and most comfortable application that I have discovered.

It has a simple user interface and helps you understand it more easily for every common user. Hackers can’t find your location either, as long as you use this connection. It has a very attractive dashboard as well. This app also helps you stream online on blocked sites. You can enjoy all kinds of content using this app.


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