The Carolina Panthers keep their search for Mayfield going

The Carolina Panthers keep their search for Mayfield going
The Carolina Panthers keep their search for Mayfield going

we know that the carolina panthers We are a professional football team. They compete in the NFL. In fact, they have twice won the Conference Championship. In addition, they are also six-time division champions. However, they are yet to win their first League Championship title. But that doesn’t take away their glory. In fact, the carolina panthers have three of its former players inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

However, recently the carolina panthers came into the spotlight due to his pursuit of Baker Mayfield of the Cleveland Browns. Mayfield’s contract is set to expire this fall. He will also have a very expensive fifth-year option with the Browns. The Panthers have already drafted Matt Corral from Ole Miss. In addition, they also traded for Sam Darnold. But they still continue their search for Mayfield. Read the article to know more about the subject.

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Carolina Panthers keep their search for Mayfield running

Carolina Panthers Keep Their Search For Mayfield Running

Before the Browns drafted Mayfield, he was in sensational touch for the University of Oklahoma. In fact, in 2017, Mayfield won the Heisman Trophy. Admittedly, he didn’t have the proper physical attributes needed to be an NFL star. However, his performance and personality outweighed his physical shortcomings.

However, the Browns quickly threw him out of favor due to his poor performance. Especially the fourth season for him went terribly wrong. However, he still takes the field for the Browns mainly because of that expensive fourth-year option. The Browns would have liked to get rid of him. Here the carolina panthers they are trying to melt the ice. It seems that David Tepper is determined to sign him at all costs.

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What to expect?

We are aware of the quality of play that Mayfield can bring to a team. Even in his slump, he’s good enough to start any team. In fact, he could stay with the Browns, given his confusion with Deshaun Watson. However, it may be that he ends up leaving the Browns and joining the carolina panthers. The future is still undecided.

However, the main concern is his injury. So it remains to be seen if he is capable of rebounding from an injury-plagued season. If he manages to get magic touch back from him, he can become an asset to any team. Therefore if the carolina panthers finally sign Mayfield, they have to work on him a lot more when the season starts.

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final lines

Therefore it seems that the carolina panthers They’re itching to get the Mayfield sign. In fact, Mayfield’s recent slip in form hasn’t affected them. However, as things stand, nothing is certain about Mayfield. The Browns are already facing a lot over the Deshaun Watson issue. So they may not want to trade Mayfield. However, given Mayfield’s recent form, the Browns may let him go. All of these are, in fact, assumptions. The best answer will be given by time. So let’s wait to see if the carolina panthers be successful in achieving your main goal.

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