The Cost of Umrah Sahabat and Misha Omar’s Cry, “She” Adibah Noor’s Kindness Taken to Heaven

The Cost of Umrah Sahabat and Misha Omar’s Cry, “She” Adibah Noor’s Kindness Taken to Heaven
The Cost of Umrah Sahabat and Misha Omar’s Cry, “She” Adibah Noor’s Kindness Taken to Heaven
Biaya Umrah Sahabat Misha Omar Menangis Kebaikan Dia Adibah Noor Dibawa Ke Syurga

The cost of umrah sahabat, “She” Adibah Noor’s goodness is taken to heaven

Social media platforms are trending and news is spreading from WhatsApp to WhatsApp.
“Is that so?”, “Adibah Noor mening ggal?”, such an amazing question arose not only among artists and the media, but also among all Malaysians, much less fans of this multifaceted singer, actor and presenter.

Finally, the very shocking news greeted us all with grief.

Adibah Noor Mohamed Omar or quite famous among her fans since the character Kak Yam passed away.
Yes, the star who once made us smile and laugh out loud after his performance in the film “Gubra” or “Sepet”, also “Mukhsin” or “Buli Balik”, as well as the teacher in the series of lessons “Oh My English”. !” this has been divinely invited.

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The former Gegar Vaganza 2021 contestant passed away at the age of 51 at Gleneagles Hospital at 7:40pm after battling for so long with an illness he hid from public knowledge, ovarian cancer.

The news of Adibah’s return to the eternal state was first conveyed by Datuk AC Mizal’s wife, Datin Emylia, before the artist, who is very familiar with his professional wrestling, Afdlin Shauki, confirmed the sad news to friends. of the media.

But many years ago, to his family and close friends, still the owner of two albums, “Too Special” (2005) and “Friends” (2010)

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this wants his illness to remain a secret. The ovarian cancer suffered by this singer of “Too Special” is already in critical condition, in the fourth stage. In fact, she is undergoing chemotherapy to treat this cancer. “Yes, we’ve known for a long time (she has cancer) but she kept her promise to her,” said Misha Omar’s manager, Mimie Omar, grief-stricken at Gempak’s death.

Allahyarhamah is much to encourage… She is very independent, she never talks about problems.

Through Instagram Malaysia Gazette, many of the artist’s acquaintances were seen arriving at the residence of the deceased’s family to visit her. As an artist who has performed together, Azhan Rani admits that Adibah is a very good friend and mentor. In fact, the actress had repeatedly encouraged the male artist to sing as well.


Also ironically, just 10 days ago, she updated her Instagram account with a piece of photography that shows a physical change from chubby to skinny.

For all of you asking about health and ‘skinny secrets’, Adibah remains strong and big-hearted reporting, “Eat six tablespoons a day.”

Unknown to all of us, what did he mean by ‘eating a spoonful of exercise a day’ as a painful effect of a disease that can no longer be cured?

Or ‘six tablespoons a day’ because that’s all you can swallow after going through a very painful chemotherapy session.

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Or are you really in the weight loss phase for some reason? which is actually how big Adibah Noor still wants the audience to see her in good health and well being with her big smile and kindness.

money for umrah

Another friend who is also the lyricist for Adibah’s song “Bahasa Rindu,” Opie Sofea, remembers the Kuala Lumpur-born former English teacher as a very generous and thoughtful figure.
According to Opie, Adibah became her savior when, more than 13 years ago, she had enough savings to go to the Holy Land to perform umrah by depositing money into her bank account.
“He put his money as payment to write the lyrics for the song ‘Bahasa Rindu’. And I used that money to perform umrah,” Opie recalled to Gempak.

Misha Omar cried

Misha Omar, who was a comrade-in-arms and very familiar with the deceased, including Deejay ERA and singer Dina, as well as senior singer Salamiah Hassan, could only contain the sadness in his chest.

“At the beginning of chemotherapy, he stopped eating,” Misha said through tears.

At the end of her life, Adibah Noor was still trying to make others happy and encouraged herself, “I’m fine.” Despite trying, as human beings, we all belong to the One.

As He promised, we are brought back to the state He wants us to be.

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That is the end of Adibah Noor’s life journey. His jokes, laughter, joviality and friendliness greeted everyone he met, either spontaneously or late for an appointment, everything had already happened.

Only a fragrant memory remains for everyone who has ever known the clean soul and cheerful personality of a great woman like her.
May all the goodness and deeds left behind smell fragrant to all of us. And my condolences to the entire family of the late Adibah Noor.

For the local entertainment industry, to be lucky enough to have a very precious jewel like Adibah Noor as well as a reference in the world of glamour, appearance is not everything, but earthly attitude, talent and intelligence will always make a person. ‘alive’ person leave it they have left us all.

Thank you Sis Dib for helping our family in the past.

Even as Malaysians on average were impressed with the implementation of PKP last year, Allahyarhamah had secretly asked for a friend’s Twitter account number to replace the child’s money that had been used to buy milk and diapers. It is not enough with that, Adibah as long as he can try to support and buy products sold by the public when they are desperate for money to survive during the PKP.


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AI Fatihah.