The creepy story of the rumored ‘military project’ in the American town that inspired Stranger Things

The creepy story of the rumored ‘military project’ in the American town that inspired Stranger Things
The creepy story of the rumored ‘military project’ in the American town that inspired Stranger Things

Everyone knows that the images we see on the screen are not real, but what if they were? mainly based In a chilling story? A frightening example is the rumors of an ‘army challenge’ within the town of Montauk that shocked unusual problemsThe information from the small town and the rumors of what happened there could have woken up the followers and if there is a real story behind it.

Netflix’s long-awaited present has season 4 finally After years of being here, however, people are wondering if there is any truth to the reality of the crazy children in Hawkins. That’s where the town of Montauk is available.

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The Montauk Village Fable That Impressed Stranger Issues

unusual problems

Montauk is a place in upstate New York where, according to conspiracy theories, the CIA conducted experiments on children. Based on unproven stories, the experiments involved mind study, mind control, and time travel at the Camp Hero air pressure base.

A man named Preston Nichols told The Solar that in the 1980s he worked as an electrical engineer in Montauk. He said: “I found myself in this crazy challenge that came to be called the Montauk Project. We started looking at how you can mix the mind with the computer system, the idea that you were a pure mind fighter. You can fly planes.

He also said that the challenge team has developed mind control devices and machines that will likely “generate vortices.”

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Nichols continued: “However, this quickly progressed towards the development of a mind control system. They wanted to make an exchange and have everyone respond to a computer program. However, they did not find any signal that could work universally.” does, however, they were able to thrash people very well.

“It was later discovered that the individual whose thoughts were powering the machine, if he could consider different durations of time, that machine could generate a vortex there, primarily a time machine.”

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unusual problems

It may sound very familiar to fans because the Duffer Brothers used it for inspiration when coming up with concepts. and even used the name ‘Montauk’ as a working title for his idea.

Not only is the latest idea of ​​comfort used for inspiration, but in his interview, Nichols, who has since written a book about his experience, calls himself Undertaking Montauk: Experiments in Time – You said you worked with ‘Psychic’; Known as Duncan Cameron, he had some of the same qualities as the show’s character, Eleven.

He continued: “I could really see other people anywhere in the world.”

Nichols said that Duncan was related to something called the ‘Montauk chair’ which enhanced his abilities. It appears to be as if the container is placed in XI. Duncan even claimed that the Vortex machine released a demon. like eleven. He then had to break the chair in an attempt to stop the demon.

Nonetheless, none of Nichols’s claims have been confirmed or substantiated by US authorities.

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Image from Netflix.

Additional inspiration for the program also comes from confirmed CIA initiatives such as the 1953 MKUltra challenge. It was created by the CIA in 1953 with the intention of increasing mind control expertise. He was hoping that it might give the United States an advantage over Russia in the Cold War.

No, really, it was a real factor that was absolutely revealed years later. The challenge was discovered when the family of one of the victims of the challenge called for justice.

Initially, uninjured participants were subjected to physical and psychological abuse by psychedelic medicine, sleep deprivation, and other experimental means.

That’s believed to be the driving power behind the decline in dubious deals inside the Hawkins lab.

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