The easiest way to sleep.

The easiest way to sleep.
The easiest way to sleep.

This easy way to sleep was shared by a psychologist, Dr. Julie Smith in the account tik toknya. Sleep among the pleasures that have no substitute. No excessive sleep or lack of sleep.

A soft, expensive mattress cannot necessarily replace good, quality sleep.

Otherwise, there are people who are strong to sleep.

In fact, they are easy to fall asleep no matter the time and the circumstances.

Easy Way To Sleep

Even while sitting you can fall asleep.

Both day and night.

Mrhanafi is different from the above scenario or is it the same as mrhanafi. hahaha

Mrhanafi is a bit hard to sleep and hard to wake up.

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The result of difficulty waking up is anger upon awakening from daydreaming.

If it wasn’t for the obligatory Subuh prayers, of course mrhanafi sleep service until noon.

But…Mana can follow the lust.

as people say now..

“Follow the sense of doom and follow the lust of torpor”

Returning to the subject of the dream’

According to Dr Julie Smith an easy way to sleep is to take time to be outside.

easy way to sleep


This took me a long time to get the loop right 🫣

♬ original sound – Dr. Julie Smith – Psychologist

On average, we are said to be 90 percent of the house, especially during the PKP era.

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This condition causes us stress and alters the rhythm of sleep.

The best way… try to be outdoors.

When we are outdoors, like in a recreational park or forest, our body will release happy hormones.

Upon returning home, the body will feel refreshed and this will create a good mood for a good night’s sleep or however long it takes.

Look how cool the technique is.

Mrhanafi tried it once and it worked.

In the morning mrhanafi will go to the lake not far from home.

While at mrhanafi lake you will do muscle stretching before the three lap walk activity.

There are times when jogging although not as fast as a marathon runner. hehehehe

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Easy Way To Sleep

At night, mrhanafi’s eyes began to grow numb and he was finally able to fall asleep easily.

Unfortunately, during sleep you feel like you don’t want to wake up again.

Easy Way To Sleep

In conclusion, this easy way to sleep is very suitable to be practiced by all ages, genders and races.

Do not neglect sleep because sleep is the best way for our body to relax after a day of searching for sustenance. how to make an ecommerce website