The following computers are suitable for gaming and these are the specifications for PC gaming components

The following computers are suitable for gaming and these are the specifications for PC gaming components
The following computers are suitable for gaming and these are the specifications for PC gaming components

lintas.fonetekno.comThe following computers are suitable for gaming and these are the specifications for PC gaming components. Games are a way to relieve stress, there is even an event/player contest with prizes.

No wonder who likes to play games, one of which is to play using a PC or personal computer.

But not all PCs can play good games, so there are mainly PC tasks and game support activities. So what are good specs for a gaming PC component? Here is a list:

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Graphics cards or Joeys as they are often referred to are also very impressive considering the video games you are running. It is very easy to use, if weiga does not support it, the game will seem less real and will surely cause an unsatisfactory feeling. On the other hand, if the graphics are of high quality, the view of the game will be real and definitely pleasing to the eye.

For that, we recommend a VG graphics card from a well-known developer compensation. The latest narrow GPK is the highly recommended series of the 1050 series. Fiji is not halfway because the memory capacity is also equal to 2 GB and it has a data bandwidth capacity of 128 bits.

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Also, not only, for this edition of GDEX 950, it has brought the latest interface, gedi5. Benefit N videos in its edition 1000 It only consumes less energy. In addition, Direct X version 12 is also compatible with MCX 1050 Hey.

  1. Processor

In terms of computer brains, especially processors, we recommend using the attributes of the latest generation from i7 to 6700. It has debkili with 4-core Core (Quad) processors with a core speed of 3.4 GHz each. Not only that, buying 8 halccorders feature using the LG 1151 socket. Procter also supports DPR 4 memory.

  1. memory

The game will also affect the RAM, the RAM in the game will generally affect the smoothness of the game. If the Ram is not supported, the game tends to crash aka everything and this is certainly very annoying. We leave you Ram ambient LP highly recommended, in addition to ram do by kosher also Mr. 4 interface technology. The memory speed of the Collet module is widely enabled up to 2133MHz with a capacity of 8GB.

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The motherboard is no less important because it is a place to put PC gaming components. It is strongly recommended to use LGA 1151 and chipath110 meters which are capable of supporting various types of processors. Starting from intel core, core i5, cea core i7 to skylight and pace series CRB.

Not only that, even the memory triggered h 110m grenade has a 2,133 MHz move support which can only be achieved in Overlord mode.

  1. flash drive

The hard drive is very useful for storing all the game data. It is highly recommended to use the latest III in HDD technology which has 4 slots of 6 Gbps. Even the most important component of the PC’s appeal is the ultimate PC Express. This 3-speed PCI X16 version has also been integrated into this technology.

Of course, the VGA socket is also compatible with graphics cards with the latest technology. By using this material, you will feel the feel of the bands of Intel Core i7 technology. However, there are still two components that have not been included, namely the optics and the SSDs or solid state drives. The SSD itself is impressive in terms of the overall smoothness of the computer’s performance.

  1. Water cooler
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Cooler or PC cooling pack actually already. But since it takes more than 15 minutes, you have to separate from the cooler and from the purchase in particular.

There are 2 types of PC cooling fans which use water supply and air cooling fans. Usually the AC directly receives the PC package because it is cheaper. While the cooling water is a more expensive value and of course it has good quality.

It is very important that it cool down because it really impresses with the temperature of the components of a gaming PC. Of course, this game will affect the durability of PC components.