The girl asked this famous car driver

The girl asked this famous car driver
The girl asked this famous car driver

A man who taught English for 20 years at a Mumbai university now drives a car in Bangalore. Recently, his story had gone viral on social media. Pataabi Raman, 74, says that after he went viral, people are getting calls for him daily and nightly, and everyone wants to know more about him.

In an interview, pataabi raman He says that a girl from Chennai offered him marriage. She said that the girl was tired of relationships with little boys. The girl asked him if he would like to marry her. To this, Pataabi Raman replied that she had a girlfriend. To the girl’s surprise, he says that he is married but treats his wife like a girlfriend.

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Pataabi Raman’s story first became known to the public when one of his passengers, Nikita Iyer, published his story. Nikita Iyer had to go to the office and no car driver was ready to take him, so Pataabi Raman helped him. Pataabi Raman calls himself the king of the road.

I used to be an English teacher. He worked as a teacher for 20 years. They don’t like to make money with his children. He says that as long as they can work, people should work.

He has completed MA and M.Ed. He said, ‘I earn 700 to 1,500 rupees a day driving a car, which is enough for me and my girlfriend. Pataabi Raman says that he does not depend on anyone; he is living his happy life.

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