The most exciting and best COC similar game on Android

The most exciting and best COC similar game on Android
The most exciting and best COC similar game on Android

The most exciting COC similar game on Android – When you are in a falling state in a game, make sure you can control the right timing so as not to fall. It is the same with the games you will play later. One of them is playing COC type games, which is very extraordinary. The game may have originated from its resemblance to COC, hence it is called a “COC-like game”.

Therefore, players will have their own appeal for this COC type game. However, before that, did you know about the COC game? Clansh of Clans, also known as COC, is a game released by Supercell. The success that has penetrated to the top of the glory in the world of the game for the world. So it makes game developers compete to make games that are at least like COC, like the example below.

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Game Mirip Coc Yang Paling Seru Dicoba

The most exciting COC similar game on Android

1.Total Conquest

Total Conquest is a game that has similarities with COC (Clash of Clans) game. But, in general, the graphics shown are similar to Age of Empire. Also, this game created by Gameloft, which is the largest game company in the world, features interesting gameplay. So what happens if you play this game?

  1. castle clash

Castle Clash is also very similar to COC game which has exciting gameplay. Castle Clash game is said to have appeared before Clash of Clans. So this will certainly be very interesting which is what users are curious about this Castle Clash game. You can only save the rest of war units or troops after fighting the enemy. Dimaba’s outfit looks different from the others.

  1. gang nations
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You play as a gang leader who controls a base with various types of buildings, starting from the main house, a troop training area, and a money storage area. You can attack the bases of other gangs and earn juices and money to develop bases. Well, these juices will be useful as energy or used to mobilize troops attacking enemy bases. There are also diamonds that are useful to speed up the development process.

  1. call of duty heroes

This is a game that is commonly known as a COC-like game where its existence is one of many war strategy games. Previously, this game was a popular game on the iOS mobile platform. However, now you can download it on Android. Interestingly, this game already has a multiplayer feature which will of course add to the fun. The featured place looks so modern by giving it a different color by touching it.

  1. summoner wars
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Introducing gameplay similar to COC where the concept of the given theme is in the form of breeding monsters. Because this game requires you to create the strongest monster as a later match in the arena or Storyline mode. Although it is interesting in terms of gameplay and story, it will look like this. grinding so it’s good to buy premium items. Behind all that, Summoners Wars is better than COC in terms of connection stability, although the connection is a bit poor but it can still be played well.

It would be better if you download all COC like games on your android smartphone. This is because the games presented are no less exciting than the popular Clash of Clans or COC games.