The most trusted forex trading app

The most trusted forex trading app
The most trusted forex trading app As smartphones develop, Aksan trading becomes more convenient and easier to view through various applications. However, you need to know which trading application Indonesia trusts.

The most trusted forex trading app

Investment is very important. This is a way to maintain financial conditions, especially in the long term.

How it invades me now more and more. Danbas is free to choose the type of investment to use. One of the favorites is Forex Trading.

Forex trading is a type of investment in forex trading in the USSR, the northern countries that can benefit from Manti andda. Also, the development of Fincan Fintech makes forex trading easier to do.

The presence of smartphone developers and brokers that provide app-based applications.

In addition to supporting full features, there are several benefits to using this app, including:

There are other options for using Indonesian
It can function as a stock bank to process
On the other hand, you should pay attention to the wide variety of Forex Trading apps available. Most do not use a reliable application, which has been verified and supervised by the Commodities Press Agency of Combawa (BABPEBTI).

Therefore, my finances will be a member of several 5 trusted Forex city trading applications that are very suitable for you to use. Without delay to follow the application.

Invasion of Hanson Ortuk

First recommendation is Hanson for both. This application has been developed in 2018 and has quite complete features. Brokers Because Horex can switch platforms between trading, as well as information and news in the application.

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Not only that, there are several other facilities that can be used as open positions, to the point of going crazy and profiting. Here is a profile for short:

AP value of 4.7
Over 100,000 daily downloads

mobile mifx

Both recommendations from MIFX Mobile. This app has been developed by forex brokers and traders and already knows the traders.

The advantages of this application are so many that you can make transactions directly on the platform by downloading materials.

In addition, there are several other features that make the menu easier, such as withdrawing all items at an attractive profit, the price can also be set for itau’s pleasure.

Here’s a quick look at MIFX Mobile.

Rating: 4.2
Download up to 10,000.

Agrodana Futures News

A Forex City Trading app for you is the future news of Agrodana. An application that has been developed by the futures broker Agrodana.

The advantage you can get is that services based on technical and fundamental analysis are easily accessible.

There are several menus that present, among others, the Economic Calendar, economic data, life price quotes, as well as educational materials. You can also access various news from CNBC, Bloomberg and Reuters.

The number of downloads is 1000.


FBS Broker Site under the auspices of FBS Holdings Inc. It is an international online brokerage company with specialized financial services;

online forex and CFD trading,
provision of market information services,
market analysis, related news, sex and more.
FBS. Asia is supervised by IFSC (International Financial Services), Belize no.ISC/60/296/TS/14) and CySEC Cyprus (license number 331/17).

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This broker was founded in 2009 and has branches in 110 countries. Massive expansion of FBS currently in Indonesia.

I personally use FBS for various reasons, one of which is to have a language that supports Indonesian, easy transfers and withdrawals, and withdrawals through local banks.

Despite several New Years in Indonesia, FBS already has dozens of ITBs (introducers or agents that have been deployed to Indonesia). From my own experience, FBS provides good service at ports.

Is FBS legal in Indonesia?
I don’t know yet, because in forex trading activities there are agents who organize special BABPEBTI. I have been using this broker for about 2 years and actively trading as a partner, and without problems.

If you are interested in signing up and joining an FBS broker, you can sign up here.

Show it here in the form of FBS.ASIAN table details
brand runner


No. 1 Orchid Garden Street, Belmopan, Belize, CA

Belize UTI (license number IFSC/60/230/TS/18), CySEC Cyprus (license number 331/17)

Analysis of the availability of

partnership program

site language
Indonesian, English, Dutch, Italian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, etc.
trading platforms
MT4 for PC, Web and Mobile, and Multi-Terminal; there is also MT5 for PC and Web.

Floating spread, from -1 pip

money account
dollars, euros

Minimum Lots
For 0.01 (micro lot)

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An account without exchange


expert advisor

One Click Launch


FBS Holding Inc.

Founded in
Two thousand nine.

Deposits and withdrawals
Sentraegold, through a local bank (BCA, Mandiri, Mandiri, Mantiri, BNI, Brix, Brix, Brix, Brix, Brizop, Brizop), fryers, calmoney, and wire.

educational content

Customer service
Support live chat in English via FBS site

trading instruments
35 currency pairs, 4 metals, 3 CFDS and 4 cryptocurrencies.

Trading account type
Cent, Standard, Zero Spread, ECN, Micro

Minimum initial deposit
Starting at USD1 (Cent Account), USD100 (Standard), USD500 (Zero Spread) or USD1000 (ECN)

up to 1:1000

no commission (account and standard), or commission of USD20 (a Zero Spread account), or commission of USD6 (ECN)


Execution order
Market execution from 0.3 seconds

Margin of calls and stops
Call margin 40% or less, stop out 20% or less.

Advantages of using a Forex broker
You get 100% bonus on deposit, FBS provides 100% bonus with terms and conditions applied.
There is a trading competition by withdrawing prizes, the winning traders will receive prizes in the form of money or nominal goods.
With FBS insurance, you can guarantee funds from 10 to 100% of your deposited funds. Interesting truth.
Being a Broker and an affiliate, by referring new merchants through your affiliates, you will earn passive income in the form of some of the commissions to reach all three levels.

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