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The Pinnacle of Life – Chapter 1310 – WuxiaWorld
The Pinnacle of Life – Chapter 1310 – WuxiaWorld

Alex shook his head.

He took a closer look at Claire. Then, he was surprised to discover that there was actually a slight and strange fluctuation of energy in her body. It was pure, dark but real.

‘A unique lineage?’

‘Has it been activated?’

Alex was extremely shocked, as if he saw another side of Zella Yeager in Claire’s body. Zella’s body contained Nine Tails’ unique bloodline, while in Claire’s body, the bloodline’s power was even purer than Zella’s and the quality was even better. He had a vague fire attribute.

‘What is this?’

Just as Alex was taken aback, Claire walked up to them with a smile. She took the initiative to take Brittany’s hand and softly said, “Oh, mother-in-law. Welcome Welcome. You must be tired of coming here. Please come in and have a seat!”

After that, he grabbed Alex’s hand. “Alex, I’ve heard of the stuff before. I hope you don’t keep it in your heart. If you have any complaints about me, just say so, as we will be a family from now on. It takes a thousand years of cultivation to be in the same boat together, and it takes ten thousand years of cultivation to be a family. You and Dorothy must love each other to have lasting happiness.”

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Alex was pulled by her soft hands. When he heard those words again, he felt a kind of complacent feeling. He completely nullified the impression he had of Claire in his mind. Their next time together even proved the point.

The previous snobbish, narrow-minded, prickly Claire was gone. She seemed to have become a completely different person. She became cultured, courteous, kind and elegant.

Not to mention Alex and his mother, in fact, even the biological sister, Adrianna, even found him amazing.

Sharpay found the opportunity to draw Alex in and talk to him personally: “Brother-in-law, my aunt’s changes are too great. She has developed some amazing products and she has given them to my aunt for her to try first? She looks at least ten years or younger!”

Alex shook his head.

Claire’s body was certainly a bit strange.

Could it be that he accidentally activated her occult bloodline when he last operated on her?

But wasn’t he too old?

However, such changes in Claire were clearly something everyone would be happy to see. Seeing the way she and her mother talked happily, she silently breathed a sigh of relief. Previously, she was still worried that the two women would argue again when they saw each other.

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Thud! Thud!

Suddenly, Alex realized that his calf under the table had been gently kicked twice by someone. He raised his head suspiciously and saw Beatrice beckoning him with her eyes.

Then she stood up first and said, “Oh, I suddenly feel like eating watermelons. There are watermelons in the greengrocer near the entrance of the neighborhood. Brother-in-law, would you mind going with me? I’m afraid it might be too heavy for me to carry!”

Alex didn’t know what she was trying to tell him. However, when he thought of Claire, who was acting so strangely, he also wanted to ask her.

He stood up and said, “Okay!”

Once they were out the door, Alex asked, “Beatrice, do you have something to tell me?”

Beatrice said, “Yes. Look at my mom, don’t you think it’s weird? She had been rejuvenating in recent days. In just over a week, she is at least ten years old or so. I am afraid that she will be younger than me in a few more days. By then, she will be addressing me as mom!”

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Alex couldn’t help but laugh as he said, “You don’t have to worry about that. She won’t be calling you mom anytime soon.”

Beatrice said, “Is she still my mother? I wonder if something has possessed her! She is quite different from how she was before she had the brain disease.”

Alex shook his head. “Nope.”

However, Beatrice had an anxious look on her face as she pulled him back and said, “Brother-in-law, are you sure? Also, my sister has been weird lately too. I told her about this, but she acted nonchalantly as if it was natural. And, and her… She’s been on business trips all the time lately. But, when I went to ask Secretary Cassidy, she told me that there is no assignment in the company that requires her to travel. Tell me, my sister… does she have an affair out there?

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