The return of the god of war [The Protector] Chapter 3820

The return of the god of war [The Protector] Chapter 3820
The return of the god of war [The Protector] Chapter 3820

in the jungle.

Inside a hidden cave.

Yufeng Tiansi ate wild fruits to satisfy his hunger.

After all, it is the use of magic medicine to restore the cultivation base, and there is nothing as solid as real cultivation.

Also, fighting and escaping for several days in a row was really tiring.

However, just yesterday, Yufeng Tiansi learned from the Qianqiu Sect members that Levi Garrison also sent all the forces under his command to rescue him.

This news excited Yufeng Tiansi.

In the past, he could only run to the Demon City Division, but now he can head to the Levi Garrison base camp.

Even by comparison, Levi Garrison’s side is safer.

“The effect of Levi Garrison’s horizontal insertion is really good. The search for Qianqiu is obviously not as windy and rainy as before.”

Yufeng Tiansi surveyed the surrounding environment, then quickly ran to the Levi Garrison Base Camp.

Along the way, I encountered several waves of obstacles, but the strength of those Qianqiu cultists was average.

Yufeng Tiansi abruptly killed him and then ran all the way.

About two hours later.

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“Is here.”

Yufeng Tiansi looked at the building complex in the distance, which was Levi Garrison’s base camp.


Before Yufeng Tiansi’s breath was fully released, he suddenly felt that someone was secretly watching him.

“Are you Yufeng Tiansi?”

As soon as the voice fell, Xiao Feng walked out of the darkness.

“Don’t be nervous, I’m Xiao Feng, Levi Garrison’s apprentice, you must have heard of it.”

Seeing that Yufeng Tiansi was about to start, Xiao Feng quickly explained.

Ever since he met with Gong Qianqiu, Xiao Feng has been searching for the rug around the base camp.

I never thought that during tonight’s exploration of power, I accidentally discovered an unknown and powerful aura.

So Xiao Feng quickly came over, not thinking that he really met the righteous master.

“It turned out to be Mr. Ye’s beloved disciple, and I have heard about him for a long time.”

Yufeng Tiansi breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile: “It’s Yufeng Tiansi, please take me back to your base camp!”

Yufeng Tiansi was in a particularly comfortable mood, he never thought that he would meet Levi Garrison’s first disciple.

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In this way, entering the base camp will save you a lot of trouble, and even meet Levi Garrison or his closest people directly.

You are completely safe.

Thinking of this, Yufeng Tiansi smiled even more.

“I need to report first. Yufeng Tiansi must also know that this is a special period and everything must be done with caution.”

“Presumably, Yufeng Tiansi is not in a hurry right now.”

Xiao Feng said in a deep voice.

Yufeng Tiansi nodded, expressing understanding.

After all, the Qianqiu sect is very powerful now, and Levi Garrison’s relatives and friends are all in the base camp. In fact, it is logical that they report first.

Otherwise everyone can travel unhindered, so what is the use of this layer of defense?

However, what Yufeng Tiansi did not know, Xiao Feng first told Gong Qianqiu the information.

Levilia, Phoenix, Levi Garrison and others were then notified to come and respond.

Xiao Feng even felt that this time he had done nothing wrong.

Otherwise, if you meet the Qianqiu masters on the way, you can’t handle it yourself, and if there is any deviation, isn’t it a fault?

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“Yufeng Tiansi, don’t look at the road to the base camp is not far, but recently the Qianqiu Cult masters are dense, we are still waiting for the answer, and then we return.”

Xiao Feng said with a serious face: “I already asked the base camp masters to come and reply, let’s hide for now!”

“As expected of Mr. Ye’s beloved disciple, I admire him for being so rigorous and careful!”

Yufeng Tiansi praised a few words.

Of course, in his heart, he really thinks that it is good to do this, in order to avoid meeting the Qianqiu masters.

Soon the two found a place to hide.

During this period, Xiao Feng forcibly resisted the urge to ask Yufeng Tiansi Qianqiu’s secret several times.

I thought that it wouldn’t be too late to ask until Levilia and others arrived, and to clear up Gong Qianqiu’s suspicions in public.

at the same time.

After Gong Qianqiu received the message, he immediately notified the many Qianqiu masters who were ambushed at the Levi Garrison base camp.