The right time for Duha prayer

The right time for Duha prayer
The right time for Duha prayer

That is around 20 minutes after sunrise to 15 minutes before entering dhuhur time. The time of dhuha will run out when it enters the time of dzuhur.

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Although it is sunnah, it turns out that there are many benefits contained in the dhuha prayer.


The right time for dhuha prayer. There are 5 things you should know about the dhudha prayer. At this time, the position of the sun is still on the east side. Doing the Duha prayer can be a good sunnah practice to do while fasting.

As a good Muslim, it would be good before doing the Duha prayer to know the right time to do the Sunnah prayer. Duha prayer is a sunnah prayer performed only in the morning. In a hadith on the prayer at the time of Duha which was narrated by the judge and Thabrani, the Messenger of Allah said:

The time for dhuha prayer extends from the time the sun rises until it tilts west. Some scholars agree that the dhuha prayer is performed for a maximum of eight cycles. • tahajjud prayer for the night of lailatul qadar in the last 10 days of Ramadan, as well as prayers and 5 best practices.

In Arabia, that time is marked by the heat of the desert and the camel cubs leave. He added, dhuha prayer before dhuhur, for example at 11:00, then it is the best time for dhuha. According to a hadith narrated by Muslims, the Messenger of Allah said that the best time for Duha prayer is when the camel feels the heat of the sun.

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The Duha prayer can be performed from two raka’at as in the following hadith. As for the best time for Duha prayer, according to a hadith narrated by Muslim, the Messenger of Allah (saw) said that the best time for Duha prayer is when the camel feels the heat of the sun, which is around 10 or 15 minutes before praying. While the main time to do the Duha prayer is at the end of time, that is a situation that is getting hotter.

The Duha prayer is like fuel for the spirit to reap the blessings of Allah swt. There is a time for the best dhuha prayer to the intentions and procedures to do it that must be considered. As for the time in places other than wib, it will be adjusted.

The evidence is from the hadith of the prophet as follows; For the prayer at that time was heard and witnessed (angel), until the shadow of the spear narrowed “(hr. Afdal time and the end of dhuha.

Because the best time for dhuha prayer is when the camel has tasted the heat, if it puts its stomach on the sand, it is already hot. The sentences, the times and the procedures for its implementation are complete. To be a reference point for dhuha time in various regions of Indonesia, you can see it in online prayer times such as

This is in accordance with the hadith narrated by Ali ra, he said: There are various things to be known regarding the dhuha prayer according to the scholars of the school of thought. This sunnah prayer can be done in the morning between 07:00 and 11:00.

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These are the two times when the Duha prayer is prohibited. Adnan Tarsyah in his terrible book tahajjud, dawn and dhuha explains that the dhuha prayer can be performed after the sun rises until the time of noon prayer. The work can be done for at least 2 cycles and a maximum of 12 cycles can be done, with every 2 cycles of Duha prayer ending.

After the prayer from dawn to dawn around an arrow. Dhuha itself is the name of the time that begins with the ascent. Ustadz muhammad ajib from the house of fiqh explained some things as follows:

The most important moment is a quarter of the afternoon. Praying at that time, Ustadz Abdul Somad said, was an effective prayer time. The best dhuha prayer is done around 09:00 WIB, but for other places that have different hours or are not Wib.

Precisely from 11.30 to 12.15 (depending on the time of sunset). Meanwhile, the end of time is when the sun will slide west, or rather 10 or 15 minutes earlier. Meanwhile, some scholars are of the opinion that the dhuha prayer is performed without restriction as long as the person in question is able to do so.

The time was about 07:00 WIB until about noon around 12:30 WIB. Also check the complete dhuha prayer time with the virtue of dhuha prayer during the month of Ramadan 2022. The most appropriate time for dhuha prayer is at 9 am.

Abdul Kadir Nuhuyanan in his full prayer guidelines and guidance book explains. Or you can say that the beginning of the prayer is 15 minutes after sunrise. The time when the sun is up until noon.

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The proof is, ا لُّونَ الضُّحَى الَ ا لَقَدْ. The Messenger of Allah (saw) performed the dhuha prayer with six cycles in two times: Then the second time it is forbidden to perform the dhuha prayer is when the sun is overhead until the sun disappears.

Obeying the rules of prayer times is a determining factor and a consideration of whether worship is accepted or not.

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