The salary of the Semarang UMR and the latest UMK for other government areas at the moment

The salary of the Semarang UMR and the latest UMK for other government areas at the moment
The salary of the Semarang UMR and the latest UMK for other government areas at the moment

SMBCSemarang is the capital of Central Java, as well as being the fifth largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Bandung. As one of the biggest cities in Indonesia and there are many companies there, many questions arise, what is the salary of UMR Semarang?

Especially those of you who will migrate to Semarang or want to find work in the Semarang area and want to know the nominal salary offered, this time we will share some interesting information for you. Let’s see these!

Semarang UMR salary this year

Umr Semarang Salary
UMR Semarang Salary

Ganjar Pranowo, as Governor of Central Java, officially determined that the increase in the UMP of Central Java in 2021 reached a percentage of 3.27%. In fact, many salaries in various cities or districts have increased this year, even the same applies to Semarang city and district.

The increase in the value of wages in an area is not the same. Everything varies depending on the results of the discussion of the Regency or Municipal Salary Council and the recommendations of the regent or mayor in each of these areas.

Pursuant to Law No. 11 of 2020 Concerning Job Creation, Ganjar Pranowo, as the Governor of Central Java, confirmed that his decision to increase or determine the increase in the Central Java UMK became effective from January 1 2021 in the context of the implementation of the salary function. for each worker.

Ganjar Pranowo also emphasized that employers who have paid wages higher than the previously determined minimum wage cannot reduce or reduce the amount of wages that have been paid for any reason.

The increase in salary for UMR Semarang is Rs 95,000. In 2020, the amount is only Rs 2,715,000.00 and due to this increase, Semarang’s salary has reached Rs 2,810,025.00.

Meanwhile, for Semarang district, the minimum wage increased to Rs 2,302,797 from the previous Rs 2,229,880.

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Whichever and wherever you choose the city where you work, if you want to earn a higher salary, there are some tips you can execute, including:

1. Have different abilities


A company is willing to pay or spend large amounts of money for each employee who has qualified skills.

In this modern era, not only education is important, but also the skills that every employee must have because then you can be sure that you have an advantage compared to others.

This added value makes the company not resist offering him a higher nominal salary for his dedication, performance and, of course, his achievements.

2. Improve your attitude at work

One of the factors that can cause a company to receive a higher salary is a matter of attitude. So always behave in a positive way while you are in the office.

Actually, positive behavior should be applied everywhere because it will greatly affect the resolution of your work problems.

If you have managed to gain trust, don’t be surprised if you can then get the best project in your office or company. In this way, you can gradually increase your salary.

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3. Do not stop or be lazy to study

Do Not Be Lazy To Study
Do not be lazy to study

You must carefully keep in mind that the real place of learning is the workplace. The workplace will give her work experience, which is certainly part of the lesson that she couldn’t even get before in school or college.

The new things that you gain in the work environment, whether it is new knowledge, pressure, conditions that need to be resolved, etc., you must immediately absorb them as new knowledge that can be applied in the future.

4. Pray a lot

Whatever we get in this world is never separate from God’s intervention. Therefore, multiply the prayers because by multiplying the prayers, it is certain that God will always give you the best.

That is UMR Semarang salary information as well as tips that can be done for you to get higher salary. I hope it is useful information and that it inspires you.

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