The topic of working 4 days a week is getting hotter

The topic of working 4 days a week is getting hotter
The topic of working 4 days a week is getting hotter

Working 4 days a week has been mrhanafi sense for himself ever. It happened more than 20 years ago

At that time mrhanafi was working in a multinational company based in the United States.

However, mrhanafi’s working time is quite long, 12 hours a day.

Work 4 days a week

Work 4 Days A Week

In a month, mrhanafi only works two weeks and two more weeks off, he replied.

Wouldn’t it be fun to work like this?

It is not funny, because mrhanafi is a very hardworking person.

Usually mrhanafi will work overtime during the holidays.

After all, when the holidays do not know what to do.

At that time, mrhanafi had not yet thought of becoming a Blogger or Youtuber as is the current trend.

Influencers on Instagram and Tiktok do not exist yet.

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However, mrhanafi still has free time to sleep, walk and perform riktikaaf in the house of Allah if he does not work overtime.

Alhamdulillah there are also some benefits.

Now Malaysians are hotly debating the issue of working 4 days a week.

The reason is to standardize vacation time for civil servants, private employees and pupil.

This situation will create quality time with the family that will ultimately bring prosperity to the country.

According to reports online bh He stated that several countries in the world such as Belgium, Iceland, Scotland, Spain, Japan and the United Arab Emirates have already implemented a 4-day-a-week work system.

This is mrhanafi’s take on working 4 days a week.

First, it’s great for the employees because there’s so much time to spend with family.

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Children need the attention and love of parents to grow as champions.

Second, save fuel costs if fewer days at the office.

Even traffic congestion can be reduced to a reasonable level.

Third, employees can use vacation time to seek extra income.

The cost of living is now very high and the purchasing power is very low for the marhaen.

They can create a net commerce business or I work part-time on a farm or construction site.

The labor shortage problem for the 3D sector (dirty, dangerous and rough) can be overcome.

Even if there are those who are willing to heat and rain to make a halal living.

Fourth, employers can create an employee rotation system.

Many are able to work and this provides an opportunity to overcome the problem of youth unemployment.

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There is no doubt that the operating costs of the company increase, but if human resources are used to the best of their ability, productivity and profits can increase many times.

Fifth, companies can charge the salary system on commission and not a fixed monthly salary.

Commission payments are more lucrative if productivity is high and vice versa.


Working 4 days a week has many pros and cons.

Disadvantages can be minimized if all parties can be tolerant and cooperative.

On average, the less work there is, the more fun Malaysians have.

That is mrhanafi’s personal opinion which is certainly not correct for everyone.

What do you think, please share in the comment section.