The weaknesses of the Samsung Galaxy S7 are still many

The weaknesses of the Samsung Galaxy S7 are still many
The weaknesses of the Samsung Galaxy S7 are still many

It turns out that behind the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung’s latest smartphone still has many shortcomings and weaknesses.

This time the weakness lies in the hardware, this weakness will be felt when someone uses the Samsung Galaxy S7 directly. Unlike the previous article that showed the strengths or weaknesses of the Samsung Galaxy S7 when doing extreme tests like: iPhone 6S VS Samsung Galaxy S7, Which is stronger boiled?

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a high-priced luxury smartphone that Samsung launched to improve the previous version of its Android smartphone, it still has its drawbacks. Although this shortcoming is still within reasonable limits, the shortcomings of the Samsung Galaxy S7 may cause dissatisfaction for some owners.

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Touch screen is too sensitive

The touch screen sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is very sensitive, so many times the user opens an application by accident. This is not the first time that Samsung products have experienced this problem. Previously, the Galaxy Note5 also suffered from a similar issue, where the issue was felt when the user’s fingers touched the edge of the Note 5 phablet’s screen causing each touch made from the screen surface to be chaotic.

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Bluetooth always on

Although the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge use the latest Bluetooth technology that comes under the low energy category, Bluetooth is always active even if the user disables Bluetooth on this smartphone through the settings panel.

Conditions like this will certainly consume a lot of battery power if it lasts for a long time.

Bluetooth that is less “seamless”

Bluetooth Galaxy S7 often has difficulty pairing with other devices, such as wireless Bluetooth, instead of the Galaxy S7 automatically pairing with the Bluetooth devices that the user has, the user needs to force stop the Bluetooth Share app and clear the cache before you can connect with Bluetooth. other gadgets

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excessive heating

Although it seems from the above video that the Samsung Galaxy S7 can withstand heat, it seems that the heat resistance of the Galaxy S7 is a feature provided by Samsung because the hardware is easy to heat up.

Galaxy S7 users often experience excessive heat when downloading, updating, and installing certain apps or firmware updates. Usually the Galaxy S7 will reboot automatically.

Excessive heat will also be felt when users use the Galaxy S7 while charging.

Buttons don’t respond

If the user has used the Galaxy S7 for a long time, normally the buttons like home and other task buttons will be less responsive. When pressing a certain button, the smartphone will not immediately execute the command, but there is a time delay before the command is finally executed.

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Users usually have to reboot for issues like this to be resolved.

The water resistance of the speaker is weak.

Although it has an IP68 waterproof certificate and has a good sealing system around the frame of the Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S7 Speaker is the weakest point and the first to be damaged when an experiment was carried out by immersing this smartphone in water so deep. like 1 meter.

Other weaknesses of the Samsung Galaxy S7

Disadvantages Of The Samsung Galaxy S7
Disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy S7

That was the report felt by some users of the Samsung Galaxy S7, reported via techtimes. Despite all the shortcomings, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is still considered decent and is fairly priced if you look at some of the tests above: